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If there is one person I’ve to remove from my MSN Messenger contact list … it has to be Mijonju (of CircleRectangle fame). Every time my MSN Messenger starts blinking in the taskbar and I see the name ‘Mijonju’ … my heart skips a beat a hundred beats. A while ago … he asked me if I’ve seen/heard about the Chinon X Superheadz Digital Harinezumi 2. I said ‘no’ and immediately comes a link that shows some delicious colored Zumi 2. According to him (since I can’t read Japanese), these are colored versions of the Harinezumi 2++. Cool eh?

Read more about this cute camera here (if you understand Japanese).

I know some of you are gonna go ‘So are you gonna buy them all and collect the difference colored ones?’. Right? Hahaha! The answer is a big fat ‘NO!’. I’d grab the yellow or red one if I haven’t already own the Zumi2 but I definitely won’t be buying one of these.


  1. Mijonju RAWKS!!! keep poisoning Ndroo!!!

  2. @nelly : You just want him to poison me … so that I can turn around and poison you too. Right?

  3. nope. Mijonju can poison you.. I’m fine here….no gween colour! 😛

  4. I still prefer the classic black…

  5. I realised that even toy camera trend are endless..
    (I just gotten Harinezumi 1 not long ago like 1 week back)

    Guess i’ll try not to be tempted and be faithful to zumi1 for now. 🙁

  6. hahha! poison!

  7. mijonju took over my place!? so u not gonna remove me from ms? lol!

  8. @nelly : Sorry no green. Next version perhaps?

    @Beam : Yeah … like a volcano of poison erupted.

    @wenz : … and there is no cure!

    @ymmij : Yeah. He officially is the poison master now. You are just my official supplier. No need to poison me … I’ll walk in your shop with a purple face.

  9. Can i side track abit on the poison…?
    Do u happen to buy the magnetic fish eye lens for harinezumi? Is it selling in Singapore?
    How does it compare to those kinda jelly lens? Thanks!
    (As you can see… i was poisoned by the harinezumi to the extent of trying add-ons to enhance the fun.)

  10. this reminds me thats a harinezumi movie competition

  11. @Beam : Those FE lenses sure sounds fun but I’ve no idea where you can find it here. Maybe you can check with ThirtySix? They should be able to bring in more poison for all of us. 😀

  12. @lawry : Yeah cool!

  13. Whoa! Who’s participating??

    I have not tried zumi video mode yet, not to talk about editing…
    All the best for those participating. 🙂

    My MacBook poison is still on queue for purchase when my pocket has recovered…. It is indeed a poisonous world out there!

  14. “Look for mijonju and you’re DEAD!”

  15. @Beam : I’m sure behind the MacBook … there are other toys in the queue. Now list them all down here! 😀

    @kaxdd : Yeah … the now famous line. Dead … real dead.

  16. Nahh.. I rather keep them to myself. Else, you’ll be here to trigger the poison list all over again… haha.

  17. @Beam : You can run but you just can’t hide!

  18. I guess this is what the shop owner or Mijonju told you… 😛

  19. White is still nicer!

  20. OH! I don’t mind a gold one! LOL

  21. @cyanwater : We all know royalties like you only want things in gold. The rest of us poor souls will have to settle for the common colored ones. 😛 You wearing gold undies today? 😀

  22. WTH!

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