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Not too long ago, a friend sent me a link and kept encouraging me to submit my blog for the Singapore Blog Awards in the ‘Best Photography Blog’ category. I laughed my fat butt off and told him that the chances that my blog will make it in the list is way below zero. I agreed to give it a go but I didn’t really read the stuffs in detail. After submission … only I realised that it says ‘This category is for professional photography blogs’. Professional? LOL! OMG! WTF?

Today an email came in saying that my blog is one of the 10 finalists in that category! OMG! How can that be? I told my friend about it and we both had a good laugh and now I owe him a beer. I know chances are still below zero to win … but I’m happy enough to be in the finalist list. 😀

I am really surprised that the editorial team did let me get into this finalist list (damn … finalist … list … rhymes!) because I was thinking that there are so many great blogs nominated with those awesome beautiful travel photos, landscapes etc … why on earth would they be bothered with a blog that’s peppered with lousy, blur and sometimes simply horrible photos (though I like them). I can’t write well and usually I ain’t sure if anyone really bother about the text that I type. There is justice! There is hope! Hahahaha! Thank you all for all your friendship and support too. Hmm … wait … why does this sound like some award acceptance speech? LOL! WTH?


  1. whatever it is, it’s AFFIRMATION! 🙂 FTW!

  2. Congrats for being in the top 10 finalists. Beer on the house to celebrate? (on your house) 🙂

  3. @nelly : Thanks

    @Bean : I’m gonna have to censor the word ‘BEER’ in my blog until I get over the phobia (from a hangover yesterday). Hahaha! Eeeeks! No beer! No beer!

  4. Wow…congrats!!!

  5. Congrats!

  6. oh man congrats!!!

  7. woots for beer!!! LOL

  8. Y (^_^) Y

  9. Hooray! Congratulation! 😀

  10. Thank you, everyone.

  11. Congrats!! I lovvvveee yr blog haha!

  12. @lawry : Thanks. Thanks for dropping by often too.

  13. wow … i voted! or rather placed my vote le. luckily i came back to fuzzy page to read updates.

  14. @carrie : Thanks 😀

  15. congrats!! 🙂 sorry i am a tad too late. but woot woot!! 🙂 unker… awsomeness!!

  16. i’m so going to vote it! love your blog

  17. @solace : Thanks

    @cyubie : Thank you very much too.

  18. A bit too late, but Congratulations! 🙂

  19. @wynth : It is never too late. Thanks. 🙂

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