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MSN Messenger window blinks … Mijonju on the other end …

Mijonju shows me some images he just took … I see some darn cute Ricoh Auto Half cams …

OMG! This is too freakin’ cool! I stare at the images … I drool …

Mijonju tells me that they are digital cameras …

I blink … Mijonju explains …

I want one …

I’m broke …

I look at wallet …

Wallet weeps …

I …

These super cute ones are handmade by a well known photographer (Ryuitsuki) who loves cameras as much as any one of us. These Auto Half cams has been given a new lease of (hi-tech) life by planting a digital camera inside.

Available at Mijonju’s online store real soon! Real soon! He has also taken some sample photos and I guess they’ll be in his blog in a day or two.


  1. For sample photos … check out Mijonju’s Flickr (

  2. so cute one, like retro radio. : D poison!

  3. they sure look tasty 🙂

  4. @Vonz : Oh yeah … max retro look!

    @Mijonju : We hate you! LOL!

  5. Can i sell my Harinezumi 1 for this?

    Sure looks expensive being ‘handmade’… What are the specs?
    What is so unique about this other than handmade? Is this a polaroid?

    Urgh.. I need some ‘parental control’ to stop myself from accessing Ndroo and Mijonju website!

    I need a part time job to sustain from this addiction!

  6.’s so cute! how much it’s it?

  7. why?… ?? they were fine as film cameras… :'( my heart broke a little.

  8. @Beam : It will take more than a Zumi to buy one of these. *sweat* Maybe a Zumi and a slice of your liver.

    @evaeva : Yeah mega cute. The price? *cough* About US$280! *cough*

    @irorus : I think he buys those spoiled cams to work on. Working copies might be a big waste to operate on … I do agree. Ouch!

  9. OMG OMG OMG!!!! I want ONE!!!!

  10. @Jer : Really? I’ll let Mijonju know if you really wanna order want.

  11. mijonju is EVIL!! ok now make a mijonju show about this camera and spread the poisonous love!

  12. But after going through your posted comment…..the price is er………….

  13. POISON BIG TIME X 2 !! 😀

  14. @Jer : Too late! You must buy one now!

    @lawry : Poisons are always sweet … ain’t they? 😀

  15. Guarding my wallet with my life……………

    Oh Well…..Might as well die buying.
    How much is it?

  16. @Ndroo : Poisons are sweet only when u can afford. 🙁

  17. @Ta : Leave your wallet alone and let it have fun buying! I think it is about 28,000 Yen which is about US$280?

    @Beam : Oh well … then it must big time bitter poison then. 🙁

  18. I can’t decide if I like the Tiffany blue or the one in mint colour. I bet you’re ordering the red.

  19. omgomgomgomgomg!! i want one!!!! the red one.. RED RED!! **poisoned**

  20. @cyanwater : Hahaha! I was also sure you’ll go for one of those colors. How’d you know I’d love the red? 😛 I’m still holding back my lust for one of these. I’ve to set aside $ for milk powder before committing. 🙁

    @wie : Glad you got poisoned. 😛

  21. aarggh. another poison?! *faintz*

  22. how much is this??

  23. Looks like this analogue + digital hybrid is a hit. 😀

    @solace : It is about US$280

  24. Your blog and mijonju’s should be given “The most-hazardous-to-your(my)-walltet blog of the year” award!

  25. @Ta : Do we get prizes for that? 😀 Hmm. Actually we should easily get the credit card companies to sponsor our blogs eh? 😀 Imagine we have things like ‘Just email the bank with promo code FUZZYEYEBALLS and you’ll get a temporary credit limit increase immediately’.

  26. Whoa!! Mijonju surely is the devil! (=

  27. killyrbf : Exactly! LOL!

  28. @Ndroo: If Mijonju is the devil, you must be messenger of the devil… haha… 😛

  29. @Beam : Precisely that’s my job. 😀

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