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Sorry for the mistake but I was just informed that the retail price of this product should be around US$12 to US$15. I made a mistake about the pricing when I posted this. Sorry for the confusion. Stay tuned for more test photos. 😀

A package arrived this morning and I was a little surprised because I don’t remember buying any new toy online (unless I did it in my sleep) and in it were some samples of a pretty new product from Thailand … called ‘Kola Manual Color Flash’. So what on earth is it? They are actually pieces of hard plastics in different colors that you can use to cover you flash or the front of the lens … to get cool color effects. The idea is a similar to what you get on a Lomo Colorsplash flash where you change the color filter/gel according to your need. The only difference is that these color filters can be used on any flash … and any camera. Sounds fun!

Each pack Kola comes with 8 different color filters (let’s just call it filter because I don’t know the right term for it) and is about the size of half a pack of ciggies. You can easily throw it in your camera bag and whip it out when you need some extra colors in your photos. A short ‘chain’ is included to keep all of them together neatly too.

I’ll find time to do some test shots using these … perhaps during the weekend. Meanwhile, since I am stuck at my desk and eager to try out a couple of shots … here are some taken with the filters stacked up and shot through the sides.  Sorry but I ain’t go no other subject bright enough except my desktop … and … ermm … now everyone knows what I’m staring at everyday on my desktop. 😛

Those who like this and are staying in Singapore, good news is that they are also talking to ThirtySix and maybe … just maybe … Kola will be available locally soon. Price? I’ve no idea about the pricing but from what I heard … it should be below 10 bucks (Singapore Dollars).

For more information about the Kola ‘Manual Color Flash’ … check out KolaStore’s website here.


  1. I spotted!!! The..the…the….Natura….Classica…in..whhiiite….

  2. i tot it should include a brown color… hahahah

  3. @nelly : Bingo! You placed your order already? 😛

    @noreen : Brown? To get sepia tone eh?

  4. U bought the natura white??!!?! How muchie?

  5. @Beam : The wallpaper is free. :S

  6. you are asking me if I ordered the wall paper??? I like my current one!

  7. Wow…looks interesting! The stack of plastic reminds me of acrylic sample swatches…..

    But are you suppose to hold it manually over you lens and flash?

  8. @nelly : Stop pretending. I’m still hunting for a FM2 for you and next … the whitie!

    @Jer : Exactly! They are like those acrylic sample swatches. Yeah you hold it manually over the lens/flash.

  9. Haha…isn’t it paying for a re-packaging and re-constructing the use of acrylic sample swatches?

  10. @Jer : But not everyone has access to those sample swatches mah. 😀

  11. This is interesting, if the comes with some sort of holder will be even better 🙂

  12. well, how many colors are in the package? how many color prisms?

  13. @Kahong : Yeah. A holder … a flexible holder will be great!

    @BreakPhreak : There are 8 of them in the package.

  14. @ndroo: yeah, but of which kinds. Colors – okay. But what are the forms of the prisms?

  15. @BreakPhreak : Ermm … I ain’t good at names of colors but you can roughly see from the images above. LOL! Form of the prisms? Sorry but my English is pretty poor. You mean the shape?

  16. @ndroo: your English is perfect – mine is the problem 🙂 Colors are fun, but prisms are even funnier to me 🙂 I mean the shape of the prisms. Like those in Holga Filter Set? Are the prisms also transparent or they are colored? Ahem… if unclear – please tell, I’ll try to rephrase.

  17. @BreakPhreak : Oh the shape? Hahaha! Ok … tell me the truth … have you been drinking? LOL! Just joking. They are rectangular. You can see from the photos above. They are pretty much like the Holga filters but some how feel a bit heavier.

  18. @ndroo: I knew you’ll catch me around the corner 🙂 No, it’s not about the rectangular shape. I’ve thought that they are not flat but kinda of a prism form: nevermind and thanks 🙂

  19. @BreakPhreak : Hahaha! Maybe you are the one who caught me! LOL! Ok. Back to the subject. Now that I’ve roughly recalled how the Holga filters look like (I sold them off ages ago), maybe I know what you mean. These Kola ones seem to be just rectangular with rounded corners. Ain’t good at all with these terms and not sure if they are considered prisms. I am more familiar with terms like ‘pints’. 😛

  20. CheerZ then 🙂

  21. They sent me a mail saying they will send some to me too! yeah!

  22. @BreakPhreak : Hahaha! So sorry for the confusion. *hands BreakPhreak a beer*

    @Mijonju : Whoa! That’s fast!

  23. 10 buckS!!! cheap leh! When coming?? 😛

  24. @leejing : Not sure when it will arrive. ThirtySix are considering and talking to them about it. No guarantee if they’ll be the one bringing the product in … I think. It should be around the range of 10 bucks.

  25. I saw these all over Bangkok when I was there and snagged a set. This reminds me…I really should pull them out and use em 😛

  26. @FalseDigital : Oh cool! You got a set of these too! Have you tried them? I’m still finding time to go play with mine. 🙁

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  28. aah~ haven’t heard about this actuially 🙂 did you have a chance to try it some more?

  29. geez! right after I wrote I found out that photojojo started selling them. haha, what are the chances?

  30. @jojonas : I haven’t got time to give them another round of test but it’s pretty fun I’d say. What are the chances of what? 😀

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