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It sucks to not have any photos (film) to scan because that is a sign that I haven’t been having fun lately. On the other hand … it sucks even more to have some film to scan but just can’t find time to do it. Okay … let’s rule out the possibility of sending the roll to be scanned at the lab because making a trip there, waiting for the scanning and collecting it … I could have finished scanning it at home and gulped a few cups of coffee.

This is the last roll from my recent (ain’t that recent anymore :() trip to Tokyo. It’s another roll of Fujichrome MS 100/1000 on my LC-A+ … cross processed.

My favourite shot from this roll (above).

Pretty strange that I ended up with quite a few photos of doggies instead of the people. Hahaha!

Some might remember that I’ve a similar shot of this one above … taken with the Holga in black & white.

Ermm … another doggie photo!

I like this one (above) too!

It hurts a little to be scanning these now because I miss Tokyo lots already and the wallet says there is no way I can consider another trip anytime soon. 🙁

This one is titled ‘Dear John’. Blur as it may seem but I kinda like it pretty much. 😛

I remember taking this shot … and wanting to do a double exposure with it. The problem is … I forgot to take the 2nd exposure and went ahead with advancing the film. Stupid me! Grrrr!!!


  1. I like the picture with the MacDonald lady double exposed with the two teenagers. Was that posed or was it just coincidental that they were all standing in place?

  2. @wynth : Hahaha! That one? They posed. Not for me … but for some pro photographer I think. Hahaha! That was a poster! 😛

  3. Wooooooonderful!!!

  4. @Jer : Thanks. So decided on the iMac already? 😀

  5. Haven’t….Having the the agony of making a choice between an iMac or Powerbook…

  6. @Jer : Powerbook?

  7. Oh…the Macbook Pro….haha! I am used to call it the powerbook….old skool

  8. @Jer: iMac lah…you won’t regret it.

  9. @nelly : Hahahaha! Ok … unlike the iPhone issue … for this … I join u. Jer … iMac!!!!

  10. Hi, where can i get a LC-A+ camera with russian lens in singapore? i’ve look around and it’s costing about $500 for a brand new one with some add-ons! im really keen to get the LC-A+ with the instant back!

  11. @chew : Check with ThirtySix (at Sunshine Plaza). They should have the RL version of the LC-A+.

  12. After watching some few several shots over popular LCA+ users, I found out that LCA+ does not yield that much vignette (or maybe depending on what day and time) because some of the LCA+ users over have shots with great vignettes. I’m actually having my shoulders down after buying an LCA+ since my original LCA died few months ago. Just my two cents 🙂

  13. @ethermoon : I think lighting plays a part in getting the vignettes. I agree that there seems to be tons of photos at LSI that has great vignettes. Hmm … maybe they have a ‘dark corner’ version for sale somewhere. 😀

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