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I ain’t one who is much into the latest phone stuffs but after using my Nokia N86 for some time, I thought maybe I should go check out a new one to play with. Huh? Did I hear iPhone? iPhone 4? Nah. Maybe because everyone is harping about it … I have always tried not to go near one. Don’t worry … I won’t avoid you if you are using one. It is an awesome piece of equipment but somehow … nevermind. Don’t get me wrong. I ain’t one of those Apple-haters because I’m using an iMac and iPod Touch! I actually read in some review that ‘90% of the people will made a dash for the iPhone’. Hahaha! Okay … I’ll be one of those in the other 10% then.

Enough of that. Anyway … I briefly looked at what are in the stores now and decided on a HTC Desire. I’ve long wanted to check out an Android platform phone but I’m just too lazy to go do it. Yeah … very different when it comes to cameras. 😛 Placed an order and it should be with me this Friday! Yahooooo!!!

Didn’t do much research on the phone but this one from TechRadar was enough to convince me to part with my hard-earned money. 😀

Now did I hear someone mumble ‘You stupid guy … get the new iPhone!’ ????

The other reason why I didn’t get the iPhone (from the begining) was the lack of a keypad. Yeah … THAT keypad. Now that I’ve decided to get the Desire … looks like it is goodbye to typing SMSes while driving. Worry not … I have been typing SMSes (under the wheel) only when my car is stationery. 😀


  1. Congrats on the new toy!

  2. @nelly : Thanks. Hahaha! I’m waiting for you to finish doing your ‘iPhone time’ and go BB. 😀

  3. @NDroo: Congrats on your new toy.
    How much did you pay for that? Is that with plan?
    Im having HTC Hero for around 8mths…Now it seems very outdated.

    Desire looks nice!

  4. Nice. I’m getting the HTC Incredible in a month. Very excited for an Android phone!

  5. @Beam : I’ve to top up about 200 bucks after trade in and recontract. Well these digital stuffs are forever making the previous ones outdated. There’s no end to it. Using Hero? Maybe save the money for more cams instead. 😀

    @tylercorc : Cool! Incredible! The names they give to their photos are pretty funny. Hero, Incredible, Desire … what’s next? Orgasmic? LOL!

  6. ya man! I can’t wait!

  7. was wondering , what is your occupation? very random , i know.

  8. @sally : Hahaha! Oh yeah! That’s as random as it can get! Let’s put it this way … my job involves the following …

    1. Pounding keyboards churning out software codes
    2. Handling weird requests from clients
    3. Puking blood over software bugs
    4. Making sure projects are delivered on time
    5. Making sure customers are happy
    6. Drinking coffee
    7. Drinking beer
    8. Sending my kiddo to childcare
    9. Fetching my kiddo from childcare
    10. Making sure my kiddo has his dinner
    11. Bathing my kiddo
    12. Playing with my kiddo
    13. Watching cartoons with my kiddo
    14. Making sure kiddo goes to bed (hopefully early)
    15. Updating my blog

    In between these … I’ll try take some photos.


  9. you forgot to mention
    16. getting poisoned by a certain somebody
    17. passing on the poison to many others


  10. and
    18. buying cams and cam-related items.


  11. * ndroo slaps nelly *

  12. oi! dun slap me. o/w i will not even consider sneaking a nespresso for you!

  13. @nelly : Ooooh. … I’m so afraid!

  14. Welcome to the Andriod Club!! 😀

  15. @leejiing : Thanks for the welcome 🙂 Can’t wait for tomorrow. 😀

  16. WHOOO~!
    Same here!!

  17. @Bone : Yay! Hahaha! Now I know that ‘the other 10%’ does include lots of my friends too!

  18. bish. why not iphone. LOL!

  19. @ymmij : Not gonna get iPhone because you are asking me to. 😛

  20. OK! I am the 10% too …And i devote my 90% to Andriod thats my next target. OR BB>

  21. * shakes hand with ngliaong *


  22. Oh Cool! My contract is coming to renewal at the end of July and I planned to get the HTC Desire.
    There are quite a few lomo effect apps too. I hope you enjoy yours. I’ll check out your tips when you have yours.

  23. @Ta : Oh cool! So we are having the same desire for the Desire. Haha! As for the tips … ermmm … don’t think you can find any here. Hahaha! I ain’t good with these stuffs.

  24. Congrats on the new toy! lomo effect on the apps? hmm,…

  25. @sumball : Yeah there are some software that has those toy cam/xpro etc effects. So far I ain’t too interested in them. Hahaha. Maybe when I’m bored … I’ll go play with them.

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