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The Lensbaby’s ‘Get Appy!’ contest results is finally out! The contest was about submitting designs and sample photos of our own custom aperture discs and (as usual) at the last minute … I managed to do up a simple aperture disc design and took some test shots for submission. I didn’t want something ‘too clean’, so I made a curly shape with some jagged sides for that ‘raw’ feel.

I made it into the list of runner-ups! Although they ain’t gonna give no prizes (duh!) to the runner-ups, but my design will be used as one of their new set of Creative Aperture Kit. Hmmm. They could have thrown in a set of those (when made available) as prizes for runner-ups eh?

The winning entry is superb! The painting-like effect it gives is really cool and if I ever part my money for the kit … it will be because of that design.

I’ve posted this photo (below) before but well … here it is again …

Oh … the name of my custom disc is … ‘Swirly’


  1. oh nice!! i wonder what form the winner one looks like?

  2. something like a coin slot?

  3. @Mijonju : I guess it could be a few slots and that gives a very versatile effect depending on how the disc is placed into the Lensbaby. On the website he mentioned “”I created the slots aperture to achieve a vertical, horizontal or diagonal painterly effect depending on how it was placed in my Lensbaby Composer. This is by far my favorite and most versatile ap I have cut from the blank discs.”

  4. Still.. Congrats! =) It wasn’t easy to get into runners up.

  5. congrats!

  6. Cool! I also wanna congratulate you on the runner up! amazing, i love the swirly too 🙂

  7. CONGRATS!!!

  8. just read this today:P congrats ndroo!!

  9. Hey everyone … thanks. 😀

  10. Congratulations! 😀

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