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It was perhaps a few years ago when I traded a Seagull TLR with a friend’s Fujifilm FP-14. That cool, big and cool looking passport camera was given to him by someone and he didn’t see much use in it … so we traded. After that … I used it only a couple of times because the film for it ain’t cheap. *sweat*

Recently I bought 5 packs of the FP-100B film … for use with my instant pinhole camera (that I’ve yet to finish modifying!) made using a Polaroid EE100 and a Lomo Multi Pinhole. Since the cam ain’t ready for testing, I decided to burn a pack of the film on the FP-14 today.

I wasted the first shot because I got a little confused about the settings on the cam. Duh! Stupid me! Anyway .. this next one is the first test shot before putting it to ‘better’ use …

This afternoon … since I had no mood to go out and at the same time had to entertain Fitzand at home … I thought why not make use of those remaining shots in the camera for some fun at home. The problem came when Fitzand saw the camera. He wanted to use it … to shoot me! Oh no! That is bad! So I struck a deal with him … and we both get to be in front and behind the camera. Duh! I’ve to be in photos (again)! Argh!

Hehehe! Nerdy Fitzy!

He kept insisting that he be the one behind the camera and poor camera shy daddy had to … *cough* …

Stop grinning about the stupid ‘poses’. I wasn’t the one who wanted to do them. You figure out why later when you scroll down further …

Mommy was the most innocent ‘victim’ because she happened to walk past us. Fitzand wanted her to ‘model’ for him and she immediately ran out of the room … but he went after her after telling me ‘Daddy … wait! I go chase Mommy!’. Hahaha! So soon he was dragging her into the room and ermmm … the rest is history. 😀

She might kill me for posting this but I think it is pretty cool and I should not let Fitzand down by not showing everyone what he did. Muwahahha!!!

Okay … as promised … here are some shots from behind the scene and you can see him guiding us how to *cough* ‘pose’. Duh!


  1. Fun! Fun! Fun!
    Although it’s not really a great idea to let Fitz wear your glasses, he does look very cute with them.

  2. Haha…looks fun!!! The cam really look like a tanker…I love the nerdy mugshots!!!

  3. @nelly : Hahaha! Thanks. As for the glasses … why eh? He’ll drop em or will they screw up his eyes?

    @Jer : Oh yeah it was big fun but big worry too (the price of the film!). It looks like a tanker but doesn’t feel like one. Feels super plasticky and I guess it won’t survive a drop.

  4. looks soooo fun!! 😀
    cool family!

  5. OH DEAR! i have the same camera! lol great family fuN!

  6. @jellyplayground : Thanks

    @Mijonju : Hahaha! I am actually not wondering what camera you have … but instead … what camera you do not have. Hahaha! Hey, I got some questions about the settings for this cam. I think I misplaced the manual. I’ll ask you on MSN.

  7. All this Polaroid thingy is making my heart itch for one…

  8. @Jer : Maybe it is time you check one out? 😀 Well these Fujifilm ones are already considered cheap compared to the Polaroid film. *sweat*

  9. ya lah…surely you dun want Fitz to have fuzzy eyeballs too right?

    @Jer: don’t be so cruel to your heart lah…….. 😛

  10. @nelly : I’m sure that few seconds or a couple of minutes won’t do any harm … ermmm … right? When they look thru our DSLRs with the diopter set for our eyes … wouldn’t that be as harmful too? 😀

  11. of course few seconds won’t hurt. the most impt thing is to instill proper care. 🙂

  12. @nelly : Hahaha! Of course I won’t let him wear it for long. 😀 I am also worried he might drop it and I’ll have to be full time fuzzyeyeballs for a few days while waiting for a new one. When he was like 1 year old … or less … once while playing … he accidentally smacked my glasses! It broke (the hinge) and luckily I didn’t go blind.

  13. Haha…I had spotted the Tv Ad of the Fujifilm Instax cam last night and I am so tempted but I am still trying hard to keep focus for my Full Frame 😛

  14. @Jer : You do get full frame for Instax shots. 😛

  15. So fun! Love these spontaneous shots!

  16. @Ndroo: I think u must have made him pose a lot, now is tit for tat time. Haha.

    But they all does look fun and spontaneous. You might consider sending them for competition for youth or kids section, if any.

    Kids are creative photographer.

  17. @cyanwater : Thanks

    @Beam : Yeah … that’s karma!

  18. droo, that happened to my hubby too. His coke bottles were broken by J!

  19. @nelly : Hahahaha! Coke bottles? Mine must be beer bottles then?

  20. cute family photos! 🙂 & what a cool camera!!

  21. cute family photos 🙂 and what a cool camera!

  22. @Ndroo: In years to come, when Fitz has grown up, this blog will be his memories of his childhood and kinship. He’ll understand how much his parents dote him, to be able to make funny poses for his camera and what is going in his daddy mind at that point of time to be able to play and run with him.

    In our era, or probably your era, we only had little photographs taken for bigger events and these are the only memory left.

    Years back, my friend has been trying to come out with a photo album following his child growth. For Ndroo, it is already well documented in this site..haha.

    Hmm… just a thought on how fortunate Fitz can be… hope im not considered being emotional. Or rather, it is just appreciating what my/our parents have done for us when we’re kids.

  23. @lawry : Thanks.

    @Beam : Thanks. Well I’m just trying to do what my parents didn’t do when I was a child. Haha. Mommy was busy taking care of the 3 of us and daddy … ermm … wtf was he doing? LOL! I had only a few photos when I was maybe around 1 or 2 … and those were taken by my uncle when we were staying with our grandparents. I have not much (good) memories of my childhood except getting whacked by my dad with belts and having to go places that he wants to go … like waiting for hours while he plays mahjong. Dammit. X( 😀

  24. That must be some Awesome fun.. :>

  25. Absolutely love these!

  26. Absolutely love these!

  27. @Bone : Oh yeah! Playing with instants is always fun. 😀

    @Ta : Thank you

  28. come to look at it again i realize you have a long tongue like the guy from Kiss

  29. @Mijonju : Oh damn! You found out my true identity! LOL!

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