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The postman came knocking today and handed me a parcel from Japan. Yeah … I was pretty excited to receive it because in it … the white edition of the Fujifilm Natura Classica! I struggled for a short while when I heard about this white version and decided to *cough* break my piggy bank for one. I’m pretty broke now and wifey’s gonna kill me when she sees next month’s credit card bill.

Sexy in white!

For those living outside Japan, you can get your Classica from the Circle Rectangle Shop. This white Classica is out of stock at the moment it seems but I was told that some new stocks might be arriving soon. Mijonju (from Circle Rectangle) told me that the 30 units he ordered … were sold out in just a couple of days!

Many thanks to Mijonju … who not only helped me get the Classica … but also sent me an instant film holder for the Holga 120. Awesome present! I’ve a couple of packs of FP-100B film and I’m gonna go burn (hopefully not waste) them on the Holga.

In that same parcel were some cute stickers that I bought from Mijonju but he forgot to pass them to me when I was in Tokyo. Hahaha! Luckily it was just some stickers or else I’ll refuse to leave Tokyo then. In the photo below you can also see a colorful cute ‘skin’ for the Olympus E-P1. No … it ain’t for this old man here. A friend ordered it from Mijonju and he shipped it together.

Pssst! Nelly … are we meeting for beer? Else how’d I pass you the sticker? 😀

These stickers (cute eh?) can also be found in Circle Rectangle’s online store.

Gotta go get some rest now because I’ll be attending the National Day 2010 celebration at Fitzand’s childcare center tomorrow morning. Yeah … I’ll be on leave tomorrow and since I’ve promised to bring Fitzand out to play after the celebration … I think it is gonna be a long and tiring day. Hahaha! Can’t wait to see the little clown perform tomorrow. He told me that he’ll be a ‘little soldier’. He is more like a little terrorist at home though. 😀


  1. HOpe you like the holga back and NATURA! enjoy buddy!

  2. ehh…you drink the bier and I’ll just eat the chips…. 😛

  3. I thought you have a Fujifilm Natura Classica?

  4. its so white!! lol

  5. @mijonju : Thanks a million. Yeah it is pretty in white!

    @nelly : No bier???

    @jer : No I don’t.

  6. if the doctor prescribes then, yes….. 😛

  7. oh wow~~ I thought that natura was pretty nice before but this is just too good! haha 😀

  8. Oh….then I think its the Klasse W. I am thinking to get a handy compact film camera….just dunno what to get….

  9. POISON~~~

  10. @nelly : Okay! Dr Droo says ‘DO IT!’

    @jojonas : Hahaha! Yeah this is one pretty devil!

    @Jer : Sorry I can’t help you with that. Hehehe!

    @kaxdd : Sweet poison? 😛

  11. i locked my piggy bank up before coming in here. lucky i did that 😀

  12. omg! You bought the fuji natura white! >_< That's so awesome. I broke my piggy bank and got waylaid into buying SC2. o.O

    The stickers are definately very cute! 😀

  13. @shunzi : Turn around and look … your piggy bank escaped and is waiting for you to smash it. 😀

    @wynth : Yeah. Hahaha! What’s a SC2?

  14. SC2 = Starcraft 2 :3

  15. @wynth : Oh! I though it means some Super Camera 2. Phew. LOL

  16. I want a Fuji Natura sooooooo baaaaad!!!! That and the Spinner are at the top of my list. Is the Natura worth the insane amount of money they charge for it?

  17. @Jenni : Honestly I thing the Klasse W is a better buy. The Classic feels too plasticky for the price. The Klasse feels way solid and gives better control.

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