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Just the other day when those guys from ThirtySix told me that they will be celebrating their shop’s 1st anniversary today … I thought of giving them a little present. Well I’m sure they have all the yummy cameras already on the shelves … so I decided to try ‘dress up’ a camera for them. The biggest problem was to come up with a design/idea immediately … then spend a night or two doing it. I had only a few nights to do it. Panic! Panic!

I didn’t have time to wrap up the present properly and thus just dumped it in a paper bag and made my way to ThirtySix. Luckily I remembered to take some shots of the cam before I left home.

I saw this little pack of cool colorful buttons in my drawer that I bought from a friend who ordered some for her sewing and went ‘hmm … maybe … just maybe … yeah!’. Few ideas ran thru my head about how I could make use of those buttons but in the end … I wanted something that looks a little ‘raw’ … something that looks a little messy yet cool (hopefully) and that same night I forced myself to stay away after Fitzand went to bed … just to work on it.

A little ambitious I was … to try take some photos while dressing up the Diana+ (instead of Holga) and try make a stop motion video later on. The GRD3 has this interval shooting option and after mounting it on a tripod … I started to glue the buttons … one after another. Work came to a halt soon. 🙁 I ran out of glue! Argh! It took me a lot of effort to convince myself to stay awake to finish it … even til early morning … but now this happens! I packed up and went to bed. I’ll try upload the half-baked video in a day or two.

I don’t remember where I picked up the big yellow button for the lens cap but it definitely was not from the pack of buttons I bought. Better not let wifey see this … because it might have dropped off from one of her jackets/dress. Hahaha! Shhh!

The next couple of days saw no progress because I was dead tired by the time Fitzand went to bed (not to mention the shitty week I had at work). Yesterday was the last day and I made a dash to the shop to get a new tube of glue, some more buttons and a roll of ribbon. I made sure I had enough coffee during the day to last me all night and after the little one fell asleep … it was time for the big rush. I jumped out of bed at 430am … going ‘Oh no! I Fell asleep before even starting work on the camera!’. I made a dash to my study room and worked on the cam until about 6am before going back to grab an hour or sleep before the little one come pulling my hand to wake me up.

In a rush … that was the most ‘raw’ birthday card I’ve made. Hahaha!

Handed the dressed up camera to those guys at ThirtySix just now and I sure hope they like it. You can also find some little wooden animal heads etc on the camera. I actually bought those maybe a year ago. They were part of some paper clips but I had the clips removed. Aren’t they cute? Haha! That’s about all for this entry. I need to get some sleep before I faint. Oh … but before that … here are some snapshots I fired at ThirtySix just now …

Fitzand had big fun scribbling on the display …

Someone was running amok with an Instax Mini

Everyone ‘left their marks’

Me & my plastic smile … together with Fitzand

… and finally a lucky shot that might get me killed but probably shows how happy the lady boss was (sales must have been a record!)


  1. Lovely!!!! : D so colorful~

  2. Thank you so much for the kickass Diana butts!!! 😀 for that, I won’t kill you for the last shot! Lol

  3. @Vonz : Thanks

    @cyanwater : I shall go dig out the full res file of the last photo … crop out your face and then spam everyone with it. Cool. Right? 😀

  4. the camera is KICK – ASS!!!!!!! ndroo did u go work at the wrong industry? hahahahhaah
    and the last shoots!!!! i think you should crop out the arrow JLD then put that last pic… hahahahah

  5. ndroo u damm creative!!! sorry i missed this but Happy belated birthday 36!!

  6. Looks cool~ Happy birthday thirtysix! I’ll come back and attend next year’s party!

  7. omg the last photo is epic!

  8. @noreen : Thanks. Wrong industry? Tell me about it! Hahaha! Don’t go there … or I’ll start getting mad at my dad. As for the JLD idea … hmmm … I’ll go try it. Muwahahaha!

    @Lawry : Nah. It is just that I have itchy fingers. 😀

    @kaxdd : See you next year!

    @sumlom : I’m planning to blow it up to a giant poster and stick it outside their shop. 😀

  9. man… i really admire your patience in zhnging the cam! good job as usual!

  10. @ nightwolf75 : Thanks. Patience? That’s something I definitely lack of but doing these stuffs does help me unwind (provided I have the time to do it). 😀

  11. happy anniversary!

  12. AH! Cute as a button!!!!

  13. That’s such a cute camera! 😀 So does that mean you’ll be dressing a camera for the owner’s birthdays too? 😛

  14. @Inn : Thanks

    @wynth : Tq. For the owners’ birthday … they should be buying me beer instead. Hehehehe!

  15. I thought you giving me one with fried wanton on my birthday? I want parklane one hor.

  16. @cyanwater : Shhh! Don’t let everyone know. That one I’ll do a special delivery to Bishan park. Meet me at the 5th tree left to Canopy. Might be messy ya know? Bring along some plastic bags. Hahaha! Parklane wanton noodles? The one near your shop? You like that? OMG! That’s the worse thing I’ve eaten in decades! X( But then maybe the fried wanton might look good on a cam. LOL!

  17. 5th tree?!! That’s ah phua’s home! Ltdltdltd

    The fried wanton is nice ma! Plus they won’t be dripping and can last longer! Ltd

  18. ……. u all got it all wrong… fried wanton will rot!!!! should us mc donald!!!!! LOL

  19. @cyanwater : Oh … that monkey lives there? Why does he take forever to come to Canopy when I asks him to? X( When is our next session there?

    @noreen : Hmm. Maybe Queen Cyanwater prefers rotten fried wantons on her camera?

  20. that camera, was awesome 😀

  21. That camera you dressed up is awesomesauce.

    Great ideas you have!

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  23. Such a shame that I couldn’t be there….bet you guys all had fun!

  24. @Rachel : Thank you. 🙂

    @nelly : You didn’t miss a thing because your purchase was there. Muwahahaha!

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