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Just the other day … I got a call from Cindy (from ThirtySix) asking if I’ll be fine to put all my ‘girls’  up for a small ‘exhibition’ at their shop. Since all the ‘girls’ have been living in my study room for years already … I thought why not let them go for a short stay with their ‘friends’ at ThirtySix.

Of course these are nothing compared to the mouth-watering Detrich collection but I sure hope the ‘girls’ have fun there. 😀

The store is also having some cool promos on the Diana F+ camera and accessories! Check it out while stocks last! No … they didn’t buy me beer to help promote this! Hmm … I got a curry puff when I delivered the ‘girls’ to them yesterday though. 😛

Do drop by ThirtySix and say ‘hi’ to my ‘girls’ and don’t forget to pick up some goodies while you are there! Damn. Now I sound like I’m working for them again! 😀


  1. hahahahhaa…… u sound like u keep girls…. “mamasan”

  2. Wohhhooo Diana PORN!!!!

  3. @noreen : Ermmm … that sounds so wrong! X(

    @mijonju : In 3D!!!

  4. The coolest girl is the one named fitzand! Lol!!!

  5. @cyanwater : Hahaha! That’s my most precious too!

  6. Wa!! Congrats on the exhibition! and very nice poster!!

  7. @lawry : Ermm … there ain’t nothing to congratulate me about. 😀 LOL! I was just sending the girls there to help ‘brighten up’ the store display. 😀

  8. Sounds like a pimp somehow. =X

  9. @beam : LOL!

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