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Burned some Instax wide film during my recent trip to Malaysia. This first one is my favourite. It was a lucky shot though. I waited for the rooster to walk towards me but I knew that to get a nicer angle … I had to go lower down … but … the ground was peppered with chicken poo. Damn. Eeew! I have enough of those (poo/shit/crap) at work and so I told myself that it was gonna be a ‘don’t think … just shoot’ situation. I was very happy when the photo turned out fine. The subject was in focus! Yeah!!!!

I got too carried away and burned a couple more shots there …

KFC!!! 😛

“Ooops! I hope nobody saw me puking!”

“Don’t worry Mom … I’ll get you outta there tonight!”

Fitzand loves feeding the chickens & ducks! Here’s a photo of him posing with his cousin brother. 🙂

A couple of other random shots …

A few more days before the year 2011 come knocking. I sure do wanna finish shooting a roll of film before the year ends and I think the only one possible will be the partially exposed roll in my Diana. Hmm. Now should I just call in sick and go take some photos tomorrow? 🙁


  1. Call in sick and go take photos! I need to finish off my roll too! hmmm..maybe I should also do the same.

  2. @wynth : Is there a doctor around that hands out MCs for the sickness called ‘trigger happy’? 😀

  3. I only hope that the next few days I’ll have good weather to head out.

    Why KFC? you’ve been having Texas as well what…..

  4. @nelly : I’m sure today is a bad day unless you use high ISO film / flash. Hahaha! Let’s hope Mr. Sun comes out strong the next few days. Yeah I love the Texas better than KFC. 😀

  5. Maybe if you tell your doctor you have a severe case of carpal tunnel due to the inactivty of your right hand and there is a need to “exercise” it. :p

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