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Stumbled upon some images of this Philip Stein watch from their ceramic collection online recently and decided to get one for wifey. Her birthday is still a month away but I decided to get it for her now anyway and hopefully she’ll like it. The guy at the boutique told me that the watch has Natural Frequency Technology inside (WTH is that?!) that helps give better sleep and relaxes the mind (really?). I asked if he has anything that helps one stay awake … and he offered me coffee. Duh!

I stood at the counter for about 5 minutes … trying to decide between this white one and a black version. Honestly, I wouldn’t think twice about picking the white one but I was a little worried if wifey will like it. After wasting 5 minutes of my life trying to decide what I already decided on … ermm … I picked the white one. Man … it ain’t this difficult choosing a camera!

A couple of weeks to go before the Chinese New Year arrives and I’ll be on quite a long leave for the holidays. Nope … not going for any travel during the period as we usually spend time with our families back in Malaysia. We’ll be cutting short the trip there though. The kiddos and teachers from the childcare are coming over for CNY visiting perhaps on the 5th day of the New Year. Maybe I’ll start work earlier too. The tremendous pile of work to be done (that takes more than a superman to do) will be waiting for my poor old brain to boot up after the break. 🙁

The only thing I can look forward to is my mom’s cooking. 😀 Well … maybe also the beer sessions with my brother when I’m in Malaysia. 😀


  1. So are they encouraging us to wear the watch to sleep??? I think I need one! But I’ll opt for the black. Somehow, white makes it less classic and classy. Regardless, lucky wifey!

  2. @cyanwater : Ermmm no. You don’t have to wear it to sleep. Wear it like you normally do is fine (i was told). Lol. We dont really bother with what it claims it can do though. Hmm almost 2am now! On second thought i might need the ‘help u sleep well’ effect!

  3. The food pictures really make me hungry! >_<" and I don't even like prawns all that much! Can tabao food back to Singapore ;p

  4. @wynth : They’ll taste like fermented bean curds by the time I bring them back here. You still want them? 😀

  5. I’m looking forward to the same dishes..hahaha the malaysian mummy CNY standards! wahaha!
    Watch –> super chio! Connie will love it!

  6. @nelly : Yeah I’m sure you’ll have lots of yums when you are in Ipoh.

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