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For those who love Lomography or old school analogue photography here in Singapore, finally the Malaysian made movie that you will love to check out is here!

[The Negative Effect] is a light and easy, true to life documentary featuring a group of youngsters living in this new  digital age, yet being obsessed with old school analogue photography. Watch the journey of their dream, as they unite and travelled north to Penang Island just to shoot and organise a lo-fi photo exhibition called Gia Gia Kua Kua (which  literally means “walk walk & see see” in Hokkien). Will they be able to fulfil their little dream in a total foreign city within such a short time?

Screening starts 12 Feb 2011
Tickets go on sale 1 Feb 2011
Ticketing website:
Weekdays :
4pm – $4, 6pm – $6, 8pm – $8
Before 5pm – $6, After 5pm – $8

Sinema Old School
11B Mount Sophia B1-12
Singapore 228466
T: +65 82281403

ThirtySix has this photo competition going on where you can win yourselves tickets to the premier of this awesome movie. For more info, check out more info on their website here.

I’ll have to find time to escape from babysitting sessions to catch this movie … or beg them for a DVD version of it. 😛


  1. “I’ll have to find time to escape from babysitting sessions to catch this movie … or beg them for a DVD version of it. :P” –> ditto

  2. @nelly : Or we can all bring the kiddos, get Noreen to babysit them while we enjoy the movie. Trust me … Noreen’s got big babysitting talent! 😀

  3. wahaha…no lah. later she stress or she stress ah phua…then we jialat liao.

  4. Noreen has entertaining talent, not babysitting! Lol!!!

  5. Yes, I want a copy too! Additional vote to the DVD version but make sure it is not the handy cam production….that will be totally negative…

  6. yay! 😀

  7. @cyanwater : Entertaining talent is good enough to babysit. 😀

    @Jer : That will be on bluray!

    @evaeva : Ohh ….. yay! Are you in the movie?

  8. yay, i’m one of the cast 😀 and i will be there at spore for the gala premiere screening! 😀

  9. @evaeva : Whoa! The superstar will be in town! I’ll go notify the fans and get them to wait for you at the airport!

  10. omg! @.@

  11. @evaeva : If I can make it there … I’ll bring a marker pen. Can you sign on my forehead? Please~

  12. can’t wait for the Gala!! and yes get to meet lomo superstars like ndroo , evaeva and MORE!!! 😛

  13. @lawry : Ermm … you got it all mixed up! I ain’t no star. Only eva is! 😀 I’m still hoping I can find time off to go for the premier. Grrr!

  14. opps, am ain’t a star as well. 😛
    ndroo, i’ll bring my lc-a, and can u help me dressing it up? hahahah! nola, just kidding. 😛

  15. @evaeva : If you dare leave your LC-A with me … I’m sure you won’t be able to sleep for months. Hahaha!

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