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I saw the ‘Love Is In The Air’ special edition of the Diana Mini before I went to bed and said to myself that luckily it ain’t a Diana F+ instead. My credit card bill for the Tori edition has not even arrive and I wouldn’t wanna see another edition of Diana F+ causing more damage to my wallet.

I must admit that I got a little excited when I saw the cool looking flash. Luckily I ain’t into the Minis. 😛

So I happily went to bed but when I came online this morning … my Facebook account was filled with some very *cough* interesting messages (thank you, girls!). The messages were to ‘share’ with me this awesome *cough* news about *cough* a new Diana F+ version … *cough* … the Take My Heart edition of the cam. *cough*

Pretty neat (the skin) but the top and flash certainly need some newer color like the Love Is In The Air version of the Diana Mini. Let me call up ThirtySix to ask if they carry this edition of the Diana F+. *cough* Trouble is in the air … take my life!

Love hurts! 🙁


  1. now i know why I had a really hard time sleeping……..

  2. @nelly : Now that you’ve decided to get both of them … I’m sure you will be able to sleep real well tonight. 😀

  3. wallet’s sobbing………….

  4. Message received! Reserved!

  5. *clicks UNRESERVE button on cyanwater’s computer*

  6. omg. pls take my life away..tooo =.=

  7. both are so GORGEOUS!

  8. @evaeva : Too late. LSI took it away already. LOL!

    @irorus : So which one? 😉

  9. Am I the only one who thinks they’re both ugly as hell?

  10. @Graham : Hahaha! Well … I’m sure there are people out there who think like you too.

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