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Just the other day … while gulping beer with Jimmy from ThirtySix … he told me that Superheadz will be launching some new ‘toy’ digital camera and it has something to do with cats. Cats?? Not sure if he had one too many beer or he wasn’t suppose to let me know (yet) about it … he just told me that since I love cats … I should buy it. Huh?

Today … I stumbled upon the camera called ‘Necono Digital Camera’ by Superheadz. Unfortunately I couldn’t find much details about it online (I’m too sleepy?) but some online translation says that (I’m guessing) this ermm … cat … ermm … camera …

* The shutter release button is on the tail (LOL!)

* The lens is on the eye (hmm … logical!)

* There are magnets on the paws! (the online translation from Chinese says … ‘but four claw also have the magnet, might adsorb on the metal object’). LOL!

* Uses MicroSD cards

* Connects via USB

* Optional accessory that looks like a docking station (and looks like the Harinezumi!).

The translated info also says that (I think so) … the cam goes for about 15,750 Yen and the ‘docking station’ goes for about 5,250 Yen. Not sure how accurate these info are but … ermm … I’m darn sure Fitzand will want one. Oh no!

* Photos leeched from THIS page. I can’t read Chinese but I guess that’s some forum thingie. All credit goes to the person who posted it. If you are the owner of these images and wants sue me me to remove them … do let me know. 🙂

Some photos online (if you Google for the Necono) seem to indicate that the photos taken with this cat camera are a little like those from the Harinezumi. Don’t quote me on that though. 😀


  1. I think Nic at 4 corners has this already, man!

  2. @Erik : Yeah I read about it in his blog recently that he will be carrying this product. I don’t see it in his online store yet as I’m typing this.

  3. there’s a video!

  4. cute cute cute!!!!i oso like cat…i think i will go crazy if release…if no money buy will sure go loan shark borrow money buy…haha

  5. the peeps at superheadz are awsome!

  6. @michele : Thanks for the link.

    @gwen : I was told yesterday that it is actually called ‘Paper Tiger’ and not a cat. LOL. Still it is cute eh?

    @shunzi : Yeah they are madass cool!

  7. meowwwwwwwwww~~~

  8. It’s a TIGER!!!

  9. @noreen : ROAR!!!!

    @cyanwater : Yeah … I was too lazy to update this entry. So it is a tiger alright! 😀 Worth buying?

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