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How To : Strip In Strips

I received several emails asking how exactly I took those photos in the recent ‘Strip In Strips‘ entry and since I ain’t good with words … and even worse at describing things … I thought why not I try use some images to try explain it.

Since this is a double exposure thingie … first you need to make sure you compensate exposure accordingly … like how you would normally do (when doing double exposures).

For the first exposure … I took photos of a film strip. For best result … try use a camera that allows you to shoot close subjects. I used an old macro lens mounted on a cheap old SLR for this. I filled up all the 36 exposures will images of the film strip placed in various locations.

This image below was from the first exposure (though this is a Photoshopped (badly) version). As you can see … the dark part of the film strip will now act as a ‘base’ for the 2nd exposure. Images from the 2nd exposure later will ‘fill in’ the dark parts.

I recommend darkening of the film strip by using black marker pen. This way, the film strip will appear darker in the first exposure and thus giving better results when the 2nd exposure is ‘overlapped’.

Rewind the roll of film (after finishing the 36 exposures).

Now load the roll into the camera. I chose to load it into my LC-A+ but you can of course use any other camera you want. Once you have done that … you are ready to fill the roll with the 2nd exposure! Simple?

Placing the film strip randomly makes this even more fun and exciting.

For those who contacted me about how exactly this was done … I sure hope this entry answers your questions.  If you do have any questions, do feel free to leave them in the comment box below. I’ll try to explain further (if I can).

Have fun!

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