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Joined some friends for Indian food today and being a curious (fat) cat … I tried something that made me go ‘WHOA!!!’. You’ll read about it a little later down this entry … and meanwhile I’ll bore you with a couple of snapshots I took of some of the food. 😛

Some buttered rice with tandoori chicken. Pretty good but the green mint (sour!) sauce makes my eyes roll.

Kids meal … naan bread with some buttered chicken.

Okay … here comes the reason why I’m adding this blog entry. While browsing the menu … we got very curious about this drink called ‘masala Coke’. We’ve of course tried stuffs like ‘masala chicken’ etc but … Coke???!!! We were guessing it could be some curried Coke (yucks!) but the waiter told us that it is Coke … plus … mint, lemon juice, salt, spices(!!!) and a couple of stuffs we can’t remember.

While everyone were still in a daze … I ordered one without second thoughts. How can I not try such a drink that sounds so … ermm … ‘lethal’. 😀

Minutes later … the waiter came with the glass of masala Coke. Here’s how it looked like …

I stared at it for quite a long while. Everyone kept going ‘try it!’. It smelled pretty good like some of those stuffs served in Indian restaurants but I just couldn’t believe a glass of Coke will smell like that. I took a deep breath and sipped some of it. I was quiet for a while. Took a second and third sip … I went ‘WHOA!!!!’. Hahahaha! It sure tastes super duper ultra weird!!! A little salty, a little spicy, a little bit of Coke taste … and ermm … it leaves a weird taste in my mouth! Wifey helped me gulp down some of it … since she said that it wasn’t too bad. She was telling me that she kept burping (hours after we came home) and the smell of the spices were still there. Hahahaha! EEEEEWWW!!!

Will it drink it again? Ermmm … maybe after long long while when I’ve forgotten how it tastes like. For now … I’d rather have beer with cigarette ashes sprinkled on it. 😀

Since I’m pretty free now that Fitzand has gone to bed early … I’ll add a bit of something I did last night. A friend was recently telling me about his ‘journey’ of converting his home PC into a 64bit system and it was during one of the chat that I recalled that I have 8GB of RAM in my iMac (I added in 4GB myself after buying the set). I totally forgot that the 32bit system can’t actually utilize the 8GB of RAM until now … so I Googled for some info and I was delighted to find out that I could easily switch the operating system kernel to a 64bit one by just pressing the ‘6’ & ‘4’ keys when I’m booting up the iMac! Coolness! Best of all is that my processor is also a 64bit one and that makes booting up in a 64bit environment logical.

For those interested … you can check out more info here. I’m not sure if there will be much benefit (to me) running 64bit but what the heck … since it is there … I’ll just let it run since all the system applications like the Mail, Safari etc are built using 64bit codes.


  1. I do not know how to describe the visual of the coke….its just….speechless…….

    I ran the 64bit with the Adobe Creative suite…its much smoother but it is not permanently 64 when you boot up the next time…

  2. @Jer : You can actually set the iMac to always boot as 64bit by running a simple line of code from the command prompt. I ran this …

    sudo systemsetup -setkernelbootarchitecture x86_64

    and now my system always boots as 64bit.

  3. nice wat! masala coke!
    This reminded me of the “hua diao coke” i tried in China. It’s a concoction of the chinese cooking wine — Hua Diao and Coke. Also a bit salty and sweet…and it was really WHOA…cos the alcohol factor was super yums! (hahaha alcoholic talking here!)

  4. @nelly : Nice? Ermm … okay … next time we go drinking … I’ll order a jug of that for you. I’m sure that cooking wine with Coke will taste better … just like bourbon Coke. 😀

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