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The postman arrived today with a book titled ‘Toy Cameras’ by Kevin Meredith (aka lomokev). As I was having (just another) hell-ish day at work, I couldn’t wait til I get home to sip some coffee (no beer!) and enjoy browsing it. It is a very nicely designed book, filled with lots of information about toy cameras as well as lots and lots of photos taken by those cameras.

Ahem! Ermm … I was invited to contribute some photos for the Diana Multi Pinhole camera section! 😀 It feels so awesome to be part of this because in the book … there are tons of super awesome photos by toy camera lovers all over the world. Ermm … I don’t mean to say that mine is one of those but ermm … it is just great to be part of it. 😀

You will also find lots of very very cool photos by the author himself. I got super inspired to go out and snap more photos after a quick browse thru the pages. What I find strange is that cameras like the Lego digital camera and the Lensbaby Composer are included too. I was actually expecting all analogue toy cameras but then the book title didn’t mention anything about analogue cams only … so I guess it was just my fuzzyeyeballs at work (again).

For those who love toy cameras and are interested to grab a copy of this very interesting book … you can check out more info in Kevin’s blog here.


  1. Nice work, Andrew! It feels so good to see your own work published in a book.

  2. @Jenni : Thank you 🙂

  3. Andrew, may be it’s time you publish your own book…

    You contribution in the book is cool and guess what I bought mine from the man himself and signed!

  4. @Ta : Maybe I’ll do so when I grow older and call it … ‘When my eyes were fuzzy’. Oh wait … my eyes will be even more fuzzy by then. 🙁

  5. @Ta : Oh cool! You got the signed version and met the man himself eh? Coolness!

  6. @Ta : Btw … sorry about your missing comments just now. I think that Askimet spam blocker thingie has some problem on their server side.

  7. Andrew, Can you delete some of my post please? they went away when I posted I thought I lost them so I re posted. May be the link to a picture…..

  8. @Ta : Done! 😀

  9. Thank you 🙂
    LomoKev lives in Brighton not far from where I live. I went to one of his open houses once and the last time I attended a talk organised by Flickr Brighton group and he was there with his books. So.

  10. Cool!

  11. cyanwater I saw your work in the ‘Holga’ book as well. Really cool. I must try your trick using my e-p1 (with ToyLens and a Diana flash)

  12. @Ta : Hmm. Maybe I will go beg cyanwater for a signed copy of the book. She’s my idol!!!

  13. Hey Ndroo….you should print a Fuzzyeyeball book with all your photos and tips!!!

  14. @Jer : I will … if you promise to buy the first 100 copies. 😀

  15. @ta: eh? The holga horror one?!

  16. @cyanwater : I don’t have the book. Show me!!! I am your #1 fan and how can you not let me see it??!!!

  17. cyanwater, yep that’s the one.
    Andrew, Here!/photo.php?fbid=172261726155447&set=a.121834147864872.8946.100001148611188&theater

  18. @Ta : Thanks for the pic. Cool work, Queen Cyanwater!

  19. wow – you have a copy of the book already!

    – and you have featured photos as well, cool! 🙂

  20. @panelomo : Yeah. They sent it real fast! You got some photos in it as well?

  21. nope – got mine in the “other” toy camera book

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