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If I remember correctly, not too long ago … there was some article in Lomography’s website saying that the Diana F+ clones were to come to an end … and that somehow also meant an end to the burning of my wallet to collect the clones … but out of a sudden came a new one (!!!) that looks clean, neat and ermm … cool. Not only the Diana F+ … but the Diana Mini and Fisheye 2 had this ‘special treatment’.

Lomography’s online store has to to say about them …

When conceived, these cameras were meant to commemorate Japan’s Golden Week, a time for celebrating Japanese culture and taking a well-earned rest from work. Now, the cameras have taken on a whole new meaning; they have become a way to help a community with a lot of work ahead of them. With the purchase of this camera you contribute to the donation of EUR 20.000 to the Red Cross Relief Japan.

Diana F+ : KIRAMEKI (happiness)

It will be one big lie to say that I’m getting this one (the Diana F+ only!) just because I wanna do the donation. I will also be another big lie to say that I don’t find the other 2 special edition cameras not tempting. Too bad I have to cut spending to spend on some white substance (aka milk powder) and decided to burn all of my piggies on the Diana F+ only.

Diana Mini : JIYU (freedom)


Fisheye 2 : SHIAWASE (sparking)

Are you getting one of these? πŸ˜‰



  1. I wonder about the texture of the Diana JIYU when i first saw it this morning.
    Seems to me that it’s canvas-like.

  2. @Bone : As a matter of fact … all 3 of them looks like the ‘skins’ are canvas-like. How true … we’ll just have to buy to find out. πŸ˜€ Can you help us find out the ones for the Mini & the Fisheye? πŸ˜›

  3. Nope! Can’t poison me with these…….for a change….

  4. Hah! Well no i won’t fall for the Diana clones.
    I’ve already have two Dianas and a mini. I’m fine.
    Maybe we could ask the others for the answer?? :}

  5. @Ta : Just you wait!!! Hahahaha!

    @Bone : Awww … ok ok … we shall wait …

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