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Don’t you dare try spam me though. 😀 This is a ‘making of’ video for a ‘Spamera’ … a DIY pinhole camera using an empty Spam can … done by the talented Noreen (aka Miun).

She told me about this little project of hers, and she was making this as a birthday present for ‘Queen’ Cyanwater … the famous Lomographer and lady boss of ThirtySix. Noreen did asked if I’d be interested to make one too … and at that time I foolishly told her I’d be interested to try make one someday but after watching her video … ermmm … I think I might just slice off some of my old fat fingers in the process. Hahahaha! Just look at how detail she was in cutting and making all those measurements and stuffs! Madness! For now … I’ll just stick to my Diana Multi Pinhole Operator for pinhole shots. 😀 I need my fingers to help hold my beer mugs!

I saw some of the first batch of photos taken with this Spamera and they look great! I don’t have any link to them now but perhaps if you could just go spam Cyanwater in her Facebook account … you might catch a glimpse or two (of her awesome photos of course). 😀

Cyanwater … any link to the images? 😀 I’m getting Noreen to make one for me for Christmas. I want one made from a beer can, has metering, quick load capability and perhaps ermm … a compatible digital back. Possible? 😀



  1. This post had been reputed as “spam” – straight to the bin

  2. I’m forwarding this to the United Spam Council (USC)

  3. where urs?

  4. @Noreen : You mean you reported this as spam? LOL.

    @Ta : Thank you! Hahahaha!

    @ymmij : I can’t do it. LOL! I lack of ALL the following items … a) Skills b) Tools c) Patience

  5. Nice DIY….maybe she can be a DIY workshop instructor…

  6. @jer : Exactly!! I agree!

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