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Met up with an ex-colleague today for a quick beer (which ended up with ermm … quite a lot of beer in quite a little bit of time) and managed to whip out my Polaroid cammie for 2 test shots with a pack of the Impossible Project’s PX680 Color Shade beta test film … courtesy of the famous Cyanwater. Somehow after my several disappointing results (most my fault) with the Impossible film … the first 2 shots from this pack seemed to make me go ‘whoa! yeah!’. I know it ain’t that ‘wow’ compared to the many awesome photos out there but for one who usually ****s (note how I am trying to be polite?) up his instant photos … these are to me … good results. 😀

This first one made me go ‘Wow!’ because of the ermm … light leak. Or is it not? Not very sure but as the cam I was using was actually in bad shape and put back together using some gaffer tape … I won’t be surprised if what you see are light leaks. Hahahhaa!

Despite the fact that there were only 2 shots taken today … I am very sure this pack of 8 shots will turn out well too. Why? As some of you might have read in my blog before … I believe that any film/camera touched by her (Cyanwater) are blessed and will turn out good (or better than normal). Hahahaha! Really! I’ve had past experience and proof (will dig them out when I have time) but somehow it is pretty true! Hehehehe! So you guys know when to drop by the next time you go down to ThirtySix? Make sure Cyanwater is in the shop and get her to grope the camera/film you buy for a few minutes. Not sure if she’ll start charging for that though. Maybe later on when she starts to get a reputation of being a witch doctor (for film & cams) … her rates might be high!

6 more shots to go and I’ll keep you updated of this new witch doctor is really worth paying a visit to. 😀


  1. There are 2 items on the 2nd photo that are not real. Can anyone guess which ones they are?

  2. the matchsticks and motorola phone sticker? 😀

  3. Do you actually need to shield the ejected film from light?

  4. wa, can’t wait for it to be released!

  5. @Bryson : Ooops! Blame my fuzzy eyeballs but there are actually 3 items that are not real. Hahaha! You got 2 of them right. One more?

    @kaxdd : Ermm … not sure. 😀 I was told to do so but I usually don’t bother as long as something appears. 😀

    @runawayronin : Coming soon! 😉

  6. @all readers: uncle ndroo is crazy!

    Btw, what’s the actual colour of the wall? Can’t wait to see the rest of your shots!

  7. Oh the “leaks” may be caused by dirty rollers.

  8. @kaxdd: For the PX 680, you need not do so. However, in bright sunlight, you might want to shield it from light upon release and during development.

    @runawayronin: The First Flush will be out somewhere in May. The ‘final’ version will be out later in the year.

    Great first 2 shots. You’ll love the PX680. Onto my 3rd pack and loving it.

  9. @cyanwater : Oh thank you! I’ll go try clean then when I’m done with this pack. See? You are the best!

    @Clarence : Thanks. Third pack already??? Hahaha!

  10. @cyanwater : Oh … the wall is like grey-ish in color.

  11. how many will u need?

  12. @ymmij : 10 bucks each? I’ll take 10 packs! 😛


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