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During my recent trip to visit my folks in Malaysia, I packed along my Sprocket Rocket thinking I could fire some rolls there but as I was lurking around the paint section in a hardware shop … I suddenly had an idea to create something a little different as a present for my friend Jimmy (from ThirtySix). I saw some gold paint and thought maybe I could give my Sprocket Rocket a new look and give it to him (and soon go buy a brand new one from him again). 😀

I picked up 2 cans of the paint and on a (darn) hot afternoon, I quickly ripped the camera apart and used masking tape to cover up the parts that I didn’t wanna paint. It wasn’t too hard to get the parts out and it was ready for a new coat of paint in few minutes.

After giving the camera many thin coats of the paint, I was about to faint from the hot sun and inhaling the paint. Well … at least inhaling it might give me a heart of gold. Oh wait … it doesn’t go to the heart eh? Lungs of gold perhaps? 😀 I had to stay close to the camera as it was drying because there were occasional flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects at the back of my parent’s place. I didn’t want any of them landing on the wet paint. 😀

Luckily I had a bit of paint left when I decided to also paint the ‘focusing ring’ part. It just didn’t look too complete if it was still black. After letting the paint settle overnight … I quickly put back all the parts hoping I won’t screw up and everything works normally. I got a little worried when the flash didn’t fire but luckily it was just one of the cable connected to the hotshot not being attached properly. Phew!

I was too busy to take any photos of the entire process but below is one quick snapshot of the camera ‘shell’ in the drying process. 😀

The next thing I wanted to do was find a way to pack the camera since I’ve thrown away the box it originally came in. I was lucky to spot a red box in my parents’ place and my mom happily gave it to me. 😀 That still wasn’t the end of the ‘process’ as I wanted to get some red fabric to give it a nice presentation. Hahaha! So a trip to the mall was necessary to complete the whole ‘cycle’ …

I messaged Jimmy yesterday asking him if he consumes ginseng and he was darn puzzled by my question. Hahahaha! I told him that someone gave me a box of ginseng and I’m gonna give it to him. Dropped by ThirtySix just now and dropped this box of ‘ginseng’ there. Hope he likes it. 😀

So now that I need to get a replacement for the Sprocket Rocket … should I go for the white one? 😀


  1. Awww.. It’s so nice!

  2. So clean! Nice! 🙂
    and it looks so shiny!

  3. @Irorus : Hahaha. It was actually harder getting the packaging done … as compared to painting it gold. I’m sure you’ve seen how ‘horrible’ I made the packaging to be from the Facebook photo I posted just now. Jimmy really thought I gave him some Chinese stuff that I picked up from some crappy shop. LOL! I told him it was ‘ginseng’ that someone gave me. Hahaha!

    @Bryson : Thanks. 😀

  4. Looks cool!

  5. get the gold one! 😛

  6. @Sapphire St. : Thanks!

    @nelly : Gold one is out of stock. 😛 Are you getting a white one as well? Trust me … the Rocket is one hell fun camera!

  7. hehehe. it’s mine!!!

  8. @ymmij : The ginseng or the camera? Hahahaha! Ok … tell us honestly … very honestly … did you got tricked by the super crappy ‘cheena’ packaging? Did you really thing I bought you ginseng from some dusty old shop in Chinatown? 😀

  9. no.. i knew all along it was a gold sprocket rocket wrapped in red cloth in the cheena box with a sprocket rocket painted on it in a CNY giant red bag and lens cap tucked at the side…

    …. what surprised me is that the B & N icons are MISSING! ltdltd

  10. @ymmij : You liar! Hahahaha! I heard from people around you that day … that you really thought it is some crap I picked up from Chinatown. You thought it was really ginseng right? Bleah!!!! 😀 The B & N icons are deliberately removed to let you waste more film. 😛

  11. hahahahha!!! beauty!!!! suddenly rocket looks like KING…. and i gonna make ginseng soup for him tonight 🙂 LOL

  12. AWESOME!

  13. ndroo! what kind of spray paint do you use? thinking of modding one of my cams 😀

  14. @cyanwater : Thanks

    @denise : I used those normal spray paint that you can get in DIY shops. This gold one I used was bought in a those el-cheapo neighbourhood shop. Costs about S$11 or 12 each can.

  15. Wow….I missed this entry! Great paint job….I am lousy with spray can!!!

  16. @Jer : Thanks. Well … it takes bit of practice. I did badly the first time on another camera. 😀 No … I don’t mean you should go practicing it on the MRT ok? 😀

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