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Joined some friends from LomotionSG for a World Pinhole Day outing to the zoo today and after being kicked outta bed by Fitzand at around 7am … it was a really tiring outing. To make things worse … weather was ultra hot and wifey was complaining about being hot and tired. Baaaah!!! Luckily I still managed to finish a roll of 120 on the Multi Pinhole Operator but I ain’t sure if anything is gonna come outta it. We’ll see tomorrow when I make a trip to the lab.

Anyway … all I have today … apart from aching legs … are some snapshots of Fitzand at the zoo. He didn’t wanna play in the pool at the kids’ area today as it was super duper crowded. At least we got to go home earlier. 😛

The little boy was very hungry by the time we reached the zoo and so he had a great time eating nasi lemak (coconut milk rice) there …

That’s his new tiger cap in the photos below. He had one with a lion on it but it was already way too small for him.

These were taken near the kids’ play area when we were waiting for the rest of the guys. By that time … Fitzand (and wifey) were tired and Fitzand wanted to just wait for a little while … just to say ‘bye bye!’ to Noreen. By the time she arrived, he got a little shy when he saw the many other people with her. Hahahaha!

I swear I didn’t teach him all these funny poses! 😀

Hopefully the next blog update will be with photos from the roll I shot today. Chances are slim as I couldn’t really pay much attention to shooting (pinhole) as I also had to keep an eye on the little one. I do remember a few exposures … I sort of forgotten about it and was telling Fitzand to stay close to me … and then going ‘Oh … close shutter!!!’. Hahaha! Pray for me!



  1. Fitz is such an entertainer!

  2. Really enjoyed the little one’s poses…killing me alive LoL

  3. @kaxdd : Yeah … he’s my clown. Hahahaha!

    @Ta : I’ll let him know. 😉

  4. hahaha! poser!!! 😀

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