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An hour ago … while playing with Fitzand in his room and he was typing away on his imaginary computer … when he suddenly turned over and asked ‘Daddy! You want to buy a camera?’. I was a little puzzled but soon I realised it could be because sometimes when he comes bugging me while I’m at my computer … I’ll be surfing the ‘net looking at cameras. 😀 Oh no! Hahaha! So I promptly said ‘Yes … I want a camera.’.

My little boss with my netbook. No … not the imaginary one mentioned above. 😀 This is an old photo.

He continued to ‘type’ and pretended to type further. ‘Do you want ALE camera?’ he asked. Huh? ALE camera? Ermm … I love drinking Pale Ale … so what the heck … an ALE camera it shall be! He typed and typed. Then he stopped and told me that he bought the camera for me. OMG! eBay? With my credit card???!!!

The funniest moment was perhaps a few seconds later when he said someone was knocking at the door. He opened the room door and said that my camera arrived! Hahahaha! He then ‘collected’ an imaginary parcel … closed the door … carefully placed the ‘parcel’ on the floor and said … ‘I open the box for you. This is your camera. You cannot use it yet. You need to put in battery.’ I tried not to laugh and then he proceeded to ‘load batteries’ and then said ‘I try for you first ok?’. Ermm … ok. Hahaha! He lifted the ‘camera’ to his eye level … told me ‘you look like this … then when you see something nice only you … click … click. Okay?’. At this point, I couldn’t help but laugh and thanked him for it.

I can understand about the part where he knows I buy cameras online but ermm … the part when the parcels arrive … I’m sure he made it all up because my parcels usually arrive at the office and he has never seen me receiving or opening one!

I look forward to the day when he really buy me a camera (with his own money of course but he is only 4 now … so that will be a long wait) but for now … I’m keeping my eBay password and credit card away from him. 😀


  1. What a lovely boy! Definitely worth a BIG HUG! : D

  2. too freakin’ cute!!

  3. If you give me his email address, I’ll teach him…I’m a good eBayer!


    So cute, your boy!

  4. Looks like someone will be grinning all the way to dreamland tonight!

  5. Awww…

  6. Last shot is stunning!

  7. @everyone : Thanks. 😀

  8. gimme your password and your CC details, i BAI for you…. wahahahaha

  9. @nelly : You are back in action? When can I pass the ‘precious thing’ to you? 😀

  10. How does he know you buy camera online and that the postman will deliver it to you?

  11. @cyanwater : I’m puzzled too!!! LOL! Maybe he relates that to ordering McDonald’s online and then the guy comes knocking on our door.

  12. Make total sense! Kids these days are really smart!

  13. He will grow up just like daddy! The bonding between you 2 is so so knitted!

  14. @cyanwater : That’s the headache. Hahaha!

    @Sher : He better do. I don’t want him to pick up fishing and sell off all my loot after I’m gone. 😀

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