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Street photography is something I always enjoy doing and with the X100 … now I’m trying to ‘relaunch’ my love for such photography. I sure wish the X100 has the ‘snap focus’ thingie that the Ricoh GRD3 offers but then … it still ain’t too bad as a street photography cammie. 😀

No longer having the luxury to take some hours off to just roam the streets to capture photos … I can only whip out my cam and fire shots while out with my boy or on family outings.

This next shot was taken at a very high risk. No … not because I was worried the ladies will come screaming at me … but it was because wifey was just walking few steps behind and probably noticed me walking darn close to the ‘models’. Hehehehehe! Shhh!!!

This next one is my favourite from this first set of ‘Strangers’ photo …

Hope I can find time to snap more photos from the street (and not get busted) and be able to put them all in a separate ‘Stranges’ gallery here in my blog someday. 🙂

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