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Taking a break from the madness of work, I took a day off and told Fitzand’s teachers that I’ll be bringing him out for some ‘fun’ today. We joined Jimmy & Noreen for a trip to the RSAF (Republic of Singapore Air Force) Open Day preview today and as expected … it was a hot (darn hot!) morning and we were rushing to the air-conditioned exhibition areas upon arrival. Of course after a short while, we braved the heat and headed to the air show display as well as some of the cool ‘metal birds’ on display there.

Fitzand was thrilled to be able to check out up close … the planes and stuffs!

Now finally he knows that the ‘big jet’ from Little Einsteins is all about. 😉

Wifey couldn’t make it today (or was she really afraid of the crazy hot sun??!!), so it was quite a tiring day for me … trying to entertain Fitzand, keeping him beside me, taking some photos and making sure he has fun.

Fitzand had big fun checking out the planes and I had to explain that they don’t serve yummy orange juice on these planes! 😀

Fortunately it got windy later on and the heat was forgiving later on … allowing us to spend more time there. Fortunately it was a preview day and the crowd was minimal. Phew!

I don’t know what I did to deserve it … but Fitzand insist that I stand in front … right in front when he was aiming at me. Gosh … Boom! LOL!


Fitzand was a bit too little to go on a ‘ride’ by himself and so I joined him and got the RSAF guy to take some photos of us. Well … this one (above) was the best I could find. 😀

Little boss figuring out what goes on in the cockpit!

One of the booth there had some flip & match game and my little boss did pretty well. 😀

Noreen and her iPhone!

Weekdays to me (photo above).

After a tiring hot trip to the RSAF open house, we decided the best way to keep ourself healthy and sane was to get ourselves some yummy food and ermm … icy cold beer. 😀

Fitzand is sleeping like a log now and I am on the way to join him. I wish I have a litre of icy cold orange juice now but too bad … all I have are some cold beer in the fridge (and I don’t need more of them now!). 🙁

Oh … I was super trigger happy and finished a roll of redscale film on my SLR + Lensbaby fisheye optic today! I’ll see if I can make a dash to the lab tomorrow.



  1. the plane almost took off when fitzand fiddled with all the butons….

  2. @ymmij : Hahahaha!!!! I am sure the guys were worried. 😀 Or perhaps he pressed the ‘DROP DA BOMB’ button …

  3. wahaha…YOU ARE DEAD…..i like that one… wish I was physically well enough to do this……

  4. @nelly : You better not try this now. Guarantee another month of MC. Hahahaha!

  5. Hahahaha! Wish it wasn’t that hot!!!

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