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It has been quite some worrying hours since the night shoot with Jim & Noreen on Saturday night (you can read about it here) as I was really hoping to see some of my own first photos with the LC-W. I quickly fired away the remaining frames yesterday and made a dash to the lab during lunch today.

The moment the guy at the lab handed me the film strips … I asked him ‘gone case?’ and he replied ‘not really … got things!’. Miracle happened! Well … at least there are visible things on the film strips and that alone is something I thought will never happen (in most of the frames).

One of my favourite shot (above). Too bad the darn battery in my flash died after a few shots and I couldn’t play with such lighting anymore afterwards.

Why was I so worried? During the entire shoot … I didn’t know what were the correct (or almost correct) exposures to used. I was told that the aperture is fixed at f4.5 … I covered the light meter ‘hole’ … was shooting in ‘bulb mode’ … and I was to darn lazy to try meter with a digital camera. 😀 Okay … blame my lazy fat bum!

Jimmy was laughing at me … thinking I was nuts when I was swaying my camera side to side. 😀 I was actually trying to add ‘effect’ to this shot above. 😛

I asked Jimmy if he knew how long should I expose the shots and he laughed and replied ‘You asking me? I don’t know too!’. Taking some hints from his exposure times (that I didn’t know if were okay but at least I know he does his homework … thanks Jim!), I added some tens of seconds to mine because I was using a roll of ISO100 slides (and he was using ISO400 black & white film).

Jimmy thought I was taking a free kick (as in a soccer game) and was carefully covering his ermm … roll of 120 film with his hands. 😛

There were times when I forgot to advance the film and happily (aka stupidly) took the next shot but I think since the shutter doesn’t open … the next shot was just a waste of time.

That’s what I call a miracle! Some of the photos actually turn out okay! Since I burned only 18 frames during the night shoot outing … I finished the rest the next day … randomly.

I took some of the shots like these 2 above at the Asian Civilisation Museum and I guess all the hardwork of carrying Fitzand pays off … as my hands were pretty steady and was able to shoot at ISO100 in super low light. Hahaha!

Of course like most of my test shots … Fitzand gets to model for me!

This last one (above) is my favourite of the lot. What Fitzand will call ‘spooky’ … this was shot in the museum as well … handheld. 😀

I still can’t believe this roll made it out alive. Phew!

So what do I think of this LC-W? Hmm … I find the build a little plasticky … I hate the ISO changing wheel which is now harder to reach with my fat fingers due to the new raised front thingie … but it is hell wide!!!



  1. hahaha waa.. nice mah!

  2. @ymmij : At least most survived. Thanks to your guidance (and my stopwatch). LOL

  3. warhhhh!!!! so nice!!!!!

  4. @noreen : It could have been a total disaster! Thanks for preventing us from touching too much beer before we started the shoot. LOL

  5. Oh … btw … what Mijonju said is very true. The actual frame captured is way wider than what we see in the viewfinder. 😀

  6. Umm….Should I get one……….or should I not………….?

  7. @Ta : Absolutely YES.

  8. hmmmm….after so long, I am still thinking if I should buy a LCA and now with the LCW….the choice is harder….BUT somehow I think the classic is still better…….0_0???

  9. @Jer : Who knows after LCA & LCW … there will be a LCB? 😀 Easier … get a LEICA. >;D

  10. Think I wait for an LC-D if ever.

  11. @Ta : Sorry no LCD on lomo cams. Lol

  12. Glowing buildings! Nice! Even brighter than day lor..

  13. […] long exposure / night photography with the Lomo LC-Wide. A night photography trip with ndroo of fuzzyeyeballs. His images captured […]

  14. @Irorus : Thank you. 😀 Does Jim look more handsome in the night too? I made him glow.

  15. HUH…LCB!?!?! Lao Char Bor = Old Woman?

  16. @Jer : You can get that one at your own risk. 😛

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