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There is no doubt that the Sprocket Rocket is one fun camera and after turning my original black version gold (as a birthday present), I bought the white edition as I thought it looks neat.

Now Lomography has gone wild again by turning this sleek camera … ermm … very colorful. This somehow reminds me of what they did to their Fisheye camera in the past but I’m sure some of you might love the very ‘hot’ colors.

I like the orange version. No … I am NOT gonna buy any of these color edition ones. Hahaha! I’ve had enough trouble collecting their Diana F+ and any further ‘investment’ will mean digging into Fitzand’s milk powder fun. 🙁

Talking about the Diana F+ … few days ago I was told that there is this ‘Daybreak’ special (again??!!) edition only available in Urban Outfitters. Gosh! Since a friend is ordering stuffs from them … ermm … I told him to add one of these into the order to save some shipping.

After being ‘tortured’ by Lomography with all these cool cameras, finally they eased my pain a little by rewarding me with 200 piggies for my Best Daddy Lomo Amigo feature! Yeah!!! I was jumping with joy when I saw 200 piggies (US$) in my Lomography account and since I planned to get another Fischers Fritze version of the La Sardina to add to my collection (I’m using the first one and it has already scratches etc on it) … I ‘killed’ the piggies on a Fischers Fritze and some film to feed my hungry cammies. 😀 Thank you, Lomography! Ermm … can I do another Lomo Amigo interview with you for more piggies? How about a Beer Lover Lomo Amigo? Senior Citizen Lomo Amigo? Fat Ass Lomo Amigo? 😀


  1. I really think you need the whole color set….Fitzand would like that….

  2. @Ta : Bleah! That’s so not gonna work! 😀

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