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Another weekend coming to an end and my battery is pretty much flat … with just enough juice to post this entry … then off to bed. Met up with some friends at Farmart this evening … enjoyed some … ermm … ‘fermented malt & barley’ in the bright daylight as well as munching some yummies. Fitzand had big fun feeding goats too! Jimmy (from ThirtySix) gave me an Instant Kit for the Lomo LC-Wide and since I had my instant back with me … I burned slightly over a pack of Instax Mini film today … mostly random shots. I sure need to go easy on the trigger when shooting instant film.

Thank you, Jim. I’ll scan the photos tomorrow night. Hope you don’t mind waiting to see the photo of you doing unspeakable things to that concrete cow! 😛

Oh … I also got two other goodies today! One from Russia & one from the USA. 😀

Thanks, Ruru. 🙂 Next time please stay all night. 😉 We missed you! 😛

An awesome bad ass old film!!! Fitzand will definitely kidnap those cute ones on top of the film. Thank you, Lawry!

Below are some images taken yesterday (digital!) before dinner at the Bottle Tree Village … I got a little carried away shooting those wooden stuffs and ended up with about 20 of them. 😀

Tragic 🙁

Narrowed down the number of images like these below from 20 to 10. Guess I go super trigger happy when I’m bored. 😛

Stay tuned to the (crappy) random test shots with the Instant Back on the LC-Wide tomorrow night. 😉




  1. faster scan! lol!

  2. @ymmij : You sure want to see the photos of you that urgently? Let me count … one photo of you doing unspeakable thing to concrete cow … one photo of you look real weird due to the distortion … one photo of you blowing bubbles … one fuzzy photo of Noreen … oh … I think I gotta go sleep now.

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