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This must be one of my ‘best travelled’ roll of film. Loaded in my LC-Wide … this 24 exposure roll of Sensia 400 followed me to Malaysia, went on a short shooting trip with me (and cyanwater) to Kampung Buangkok, accompanied me on a beer cum shooting session with Jimmy and then finally to an early dinner at Bottle Tree Village. Amazing how I can make 24 exposures last that long! Honestly … it was because I usually have more than one camera with me and couldn’t concentrate on finishing a roll. 😛

Luckily it was a roll of ISO400 film … otherwise I might not be able to shoot these 2 beautiful birds that evening at Bottle Tree Village.

I’m begining to love the LC-W more each time I use it. Using it with the Instax back ain’t that too fun though … perhaps all because of the small Instax Mini films. More about that later when I get the recent test run (LC-W + Instax back) photos scanned.

Jack & Jill went up the hill … God knows what they did up there (because I didn’t peep)! 😛

Jim & his pet … Fujipet! Oh man … I’ve been taking one too many photos of him lately. Better stop doing it before I start screaming his name in my sleep. Duh!

This one (above) was not meant to be like this. I took a first exposure of a bright signboard and thought I could shoot the 2nd exposure later. Fitzand saw me and ran in front of me … insisting that I take a photo of him. 😀 I love this shot!

I was looking at the negatives (before scanning them) and wondered how come I have this shot of a boy behind a pillar. Hahaha! It was only after scanning that I realised it ain’t Fitzand … but a boy looking all emo while waiting for his turn on the swing.

I did have a couple of overlapping (a little) frames in this roll. Not sure if it is the advancing mechanism giving problem but I guess I’ll let it be and fire another few rolls to find out.


  1. why so little pics. ltd

  2. @ymmij : Little? 24 exposures = 24 pics! 😀 You sold me this roll of 24 exp film and now you ask me? LOL! Did you charge me for 36 exp???!!!

  3. yor……..nice la LC-Wide~

  4. Very nice…Umm…

  5. Nice…looking very sharp…BUT somehow the essence of fuzziness from toy cam is missing.

  6. @evaeva : Thanks 🙂

    @Ta : Thank you! Getting one?

    @Jer : Thanks. Yeah … even the LC-A+ is pretty sharp. My LC-A+ is a bit different because Fitzand dropped it a couple of times when he was younger and now mine has some fuzzy dreamy effect on the sides when focused at infinity. 😀

  7. Nah…I didn’t like the feel of it in the hand…the bit around the lens makes it a little awkward for me not as snugly in the hand as the lc-a…Narrow escape!

  8. @Ta : I agree about the handling of the LC-W especially after you’ve been groping the LC-A for a while. Takes a bit of getting used to … I think. 😀

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