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I finally got myself a ‘serious’ medium format camera! The Fujifilm GA645Wi!!! Now the Holga and Diana cameras have a new friend to share their rolls of 120 film. It costs quite a bit but from the specifications and reviews, I hope I will love it lots. It has a EBC Fujion lens with an angle of view close to 24 mm on a 35 mm camera body! Let’s see how it goes …


These few below are actually from the 2nd roll that morning (recently expired Afga Optima 100). The colors are simply wonderful eh? This is my first roll of the Optima film which I bought bundled with the Diana+ camera. I had 30 rolls with me and I’ve just sold 10 rolls to a friend. Now I’m wondering if I made the right decision to do so. I hate myself 🙁





… and here are some from a roll of Fujifilm Pro160s which expired last year (yeah, I’m a cheapo who uses expired film). I am not posting many from this roll, mainly because there were too many similar shots as I was doing a bit if ‘testing’ with different settings then. I sort of wanted to kick myself that morning (yeah there wasn’t any nice sunrise despite waking up at 5:30am!) because I couldn’t figure out how to change the shutter speed in manual mode. Blame myself for not reading the manual properly (I admit it’s my fault despite the fact that the user manual for this camera is the worse I’ve seen ever!)

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