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Out Of Time!

Received a piece of good news last night … about my schedule to exhibit some photos / experiment (details available soon) being postponed to mid October. Someone else will get to kick off this cool exhibition for a week first. Phew! This leave me an extra week to get more done. Well … it is not that I will be having tons of photos for it but I’ve been getting some very ‘shocking’ results lately. Also having to divide my time between work, looking after Fitzand … and stealing some very little time off in between to work on the project … is really not easy.

I’ll leave the actual photos & experiment for the exhibition but here’s one photo that got screwed up and yet looks pretty neat to me. Hahahaha! Don’t laugh!


Early morning … tomorrow … I’ll be heading north to Malaysia for 2 days to visit my folks and hopefully with them around to entertain Fitzand … I should have some time to put some final touch for a new ‘dressed up’ camera that will be on exhibit sometime in mid October too. I’m trying to do way too many things in way too little time eh? This new ‘dressed up’ camera will be way different from my earlier works on the Holga … so it is a big challenge to me but if it turns out like like how I imagine it to be … it will probably be one that I’ve put most effort and time into. Stay tuned!

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