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Woke up this morning to receive a message from a friend saying that ‘you are quoted in the papers!’. So I picked up the Sunday Times to check out what’s going on … just to find that there is an article about the Impossible Project films. I did a short interview with them some weeks back regarding it but being shy by nature (don’t laugh!) … I refused to have photos of my fat face taken grinning with the cameras for it.

The talented Noreen (aka Miun) was the ultimate choice for this task (who doesn’t want to see a pretty girl?). Here is a scan of it …

Perfect ain’t it? Noreen & her cute Hello Kitty camera!

Here’s part of the article …

There were way more stuffs I yakked about (through email … as I do not really like to talk much) but they were not included. Perhaps I was talking nonsense. 😛

Now … thinking back … I imagine how it will be if I agreed to include a photo of myself in this feature. Hmm …

It might look something like this …

Don’t I just look so cute? LOL! *pukes blood*

Unfortunately they didn’t mention the Impossible Lessons exhibition/project that’s gonna start tomorrow. I just delivered my ‘The Aftermath’ camera design to ThirtySix, saw prints of my photos that are gonna be exhibited starting 17th October … and I’m just so excited to see the designs & photos from the rest of the team. The set I saw from Lawrence … which is set to start exhibit from tomorrow … is just awesome! We met there yesterday evening and I almost fainted knowing the amount of effort he put into making them. Don’t ask me details. Just go down to check out his work and he’ll have some info to share on how it is done … soon.


  1. big W T F!

  2. @ymmij : Am I cuter?

  3. vomit MEE SUAH

  4. @norya : Hmm. Not cute enough? Ok … I’ll get more self portraits done later and try again. 😛

  5. is this wat u call….. plastic surgery gone wrong?

  6. @norya : No. This happens when your darling Jim thinks of me when he is looking at you. 😛

  7. haha its been awhile ever since i visit your blog Andrew, haha, great laughs 🙂

  8. I love that they mention your age. What’s up with that?

  9. ROTLF, You really made my day la, so freaking funny!

  10. @mijonju : You’ve forgotten me after you are world famous? 🙁 *wipes off tears*

    @Jenni : No idea! Maybe they are out to tell everyone that old folks buy Impossible Film too. 😀

    @Pang : So do I have the criteria to apply for the position of a clown in a circus? 😀

  11. S$39 for a box of TIP film? Wow you guys in SG are really getting ripped off !!!!!!

  12. The articles is so incredibly badly written — it misses the focus piece by with the $$, it doesn’t try to explain why people are shooting with it, the Polaroid mystique factor and even its facts are wrong: TIP wasn’t started by ex-employees but by Dr Florian Kapps who subsequently hired ex-employees after the deal was done.

  13. @g2 : Thanks for the info. So what’s the price like per box then? :O I sure hope it is like $15 though. 😀 The article sure should mention more info about the film instead of telling how many boxes are sold.

  14. @ndroo: TIP website has a 3pack SX70 for US$70 (5% discount) or S$30 per pack (S$15 is a pipe dream), which is about S$86, less than the S$117 you would pay. But you have to find out about shipping costs. Best way to reduce per unit shipping costs is to order bulk. Also, you may be charged import duties/GST in S’pore? The point is, if you are paying a 26% gross markup per pack (US$23.49 = S$30), it’s worth doing some legwork to find out if you can lower the costs. In fact recently TIP had a worldwide free shipping offer for 24 hrs (including S’pore). Min. order was US$65, max was 100 packs — pretty reasonable terms. I’m not against local retailers who take the initiative to bring such products in and make some money but their margins should be fair. E.g. my local store’s mark-up of PX680 is 2.8% gross (we are alot closer to TIP US), so it doesn’t make sense for me to buy direct from TIP except for special offers. But 2.8% vs 26% (per pack) or (36% for a 3 pack) gross mark-up is a very big gap — does shipping cost that much more?

  15. @ndroo: yes the ST article is so skewed and disappointing. It makes people think that it costs $40 to shoot 1 polaroid foto!! This type of reporting is so bad it cannot be classified. Maybe you should write in to educate her how to report on the real story, which is so much more interesting: why people are going back to shooting Polaroid and how Dr Kapps saw the potential of 20 million polaroid sold per year as a business model worth reviving — he’s not a philanthropist, just an entrepreneur — he switch from being on lomography to starting (world’s largest collection of online ‘roid fotos), then,and finally TIP. The more people shooting TIP film can only make the film better and cheaper for all — plus it will accelerate their project to create a new TIP camera, more suited for TIP film.

  16. @g2 : Thanks for the very detailed info. Oh man … you should help them write the article! Really! Let’s hope TIP will produce more and stable film at better prices in the very near future. Long live TIP!

  17. I think if my staff looks like this, it’ll probably freak the customers out! ltdltdltd

  18. @cyanwater :oh please employ me. I promise to wear makeup when reporting for work!

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