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While I was still waiting for a good offer to buy my liver so that I could afford the 2 metal editions of the La Sardina, I thought I might have to let go my lungs too when I saw that there are 4 new special editions of the camera. Thank God these 4 designs don’t seem to tempt me much (if at all). Phew!!! Okay … I must admit the Cubic version does look pretty nice.

Perhaps if the first original 4 versions (with retro looking sardines and all) didn’t appear … I might find these neat. Now I can keep my lungs and continue checking the bids for my liver. Phew!!!!

Which of these 4 do you prefer?


  1. well gloups…. not very convinced, but I prefer the moebius one 🙂

  2. cubicccccccc

  3. @eva : Don’t tempt me……

  4. They’re all uncharacteristically ugly.
    The metal ones were so beautiful….
    Maybe they gave the intern his first design job. ha ha! Whoo!

  5. I love the houndstooth patter – classic!!!!

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