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I made the biggest mistake and sinned big time when I waltzed into a camera shop here in Hong Kong today. I groped the Leica X1 … I couldn’t afford it. Next I saw something with an extra zero at the back … and there stood on the shelf … a Fujifilm X10! OMG! After playing with it for a short while … I sinned.

Honestly the size ain’t too much different from the X100 but the weight is sure way lighter than it’s bigger brother. The first impression when I held it was ‘OMG! This is like bloody plastic!’. You can see some very lousy comparison photos at the end of this entry.

The X10 photographed without the top/front part of the leather case. I kinda dislike the neck strap (short!) and will replace it with a hand strap when I get home.

Some might call this an oversized (and overpriced?) point-and-shoot camera but considering the price of an Olympus XZ-1 … this ain’t actually too pricey. Ermm … I think so. I didn’t get to play long with this because the darn battery went flat after some super crappy random test shots.

These test shots are all straight out from the camera with just resizing for web done. Sorry this ain’t no review of the X10 … as my expectations are pretty low and I suck bad at those technical comparisons. Hahaha!

I’ll see if I can try get more decent shots with it tomorrow … since the battery is having a good time being charged for the first time while I’m typing this. From these few random snaps … I am pretty happy with it (again … do note my low expectations).

What I don’t like about the X10 is how we power it on. You actually turn the lens barrel (the one used for zooming) to get it to go from the ‘off’ to ‘on’ mode. Maybe it just takes a bit of getting used to but I still prefer a push lever like the one on the X100. Changing of the apertures is done using a wheel at the top right (on the back) instead of a ring on the lens barrel … again comparing this with the X100. That’s perfectly find with me.

By now you must be wondering why I went for the X10 when I already have the X100. Right???!!! I wanted something lighter (and hopefully smaller … but that ain’t the case now), has some zoom and can shoot macro (or rather … close ups). I’ve yet to try the super macro mode though. I managed to shove it in my cargo pants pocket without causing my pants to drop (unlike the X100). Ermm … is that reason enough? 😛

Some of these test shots were taken at ISO1600. Ermm … I think those indoor ones. I’m a bit too tired to go check out the EXIF data now. I’m satisfied with what it can do at that ISO. Did I mention my expectations are always low? 😛

Here are two photos if you wanna see a size comparison with the X100. Sorry I was too lazy to remove the cases but … ermm … you roughly can see. 😛

Unfortunately the battery on the X10 is different (thinner & smaller) than the X100. No sharing of resources for both of them then.

Okay … I have to update this post in case some people think that I’ve so much money to spare. Hahaha. Once I get back to Singapore … one of my DSLR lens will have to be put for sale … before the darn credit card bill arrives. 🙁

The rest of the test shots are below ….


  1. I was introduced to the X10 as well…Just today. THe texture looks like the LC-a…Does it feel like one?

  2. @Ta : Hahaha! So are you swallowing the poison? Hmm … LC-A? Ermm … just a bit like the texture (of the LC-A skin). Now that you’ve mentioned it … it sure feels like a grown up LC-A. Hahaha! Gosh … those guys at Fujifilm are gonna kill me for that statement.

  3. This is bad…………………………………………

  4. @Ta : Go on … drink it!

  5. how does the viewfinder feels like? from what i heard its just a window without any info..

  6. Truly reminds me of Diana, probably it is the different textured part between the viewfinder and body. Looks like your new dry cabinet is coming in handy for new cams…..HAHA!

  7. @shunzi : The viewfinder is ermm … just optical viewfinder. No EVF like the X100. No displays on it.

    @Jer : Ermm … I’m still puzzled why you say it looks like the Diana. Lol. Do you mean the LC-A?

  8. may i know how much for this? limited stock?

  9. @night : Hmm … this should cost approx $800 (Singapore dollars)

  10. how much in HKD? with accessories (hood)? thanks 🙂

  11. @night : Hmm. I kinda don’t recall the exact price because I helped a friend buy some other stuffs … but is around 6000 HKD with the leather case.

  12. spend so much. sradinas how? ltd

  13. @ymmij : Sardinas!!! Ermm … lemme sell off 1 lens when I get home tomorrow. We’ll talk about it after that. 🙁

  14. what lens you are letting go?

  15. @peter : Ermm … you really wanna know? Don’t you forget I am no longer using Canon. 😀

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