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Gave the X10 more random test shots today and mostly done using the EXR mode (I call this … the lazy bum like me mode) … all I did was press the shutter button. Many of them done in low light and here are the results …

The straight outta cam results are satisfying (for me). None of these shots were Photoshopped except for web resizing.

After some hours of use … I still don’t quite like the idea of having to turn the zoom barrel to switch on the cam (I prefer a single button/switch) and also it will be way nicer if it has those ermm … auto open/close lens cap/cover. 😀 These might not be an issue if you are not a lazy bum like me.

Overall … I think the image stabilizer works pretty well, colors look pretty neat, metering seems good, camera is light and the X10 makes a good camera to bring around when you wanna travel light. I wish it could use a filter without spending more money on a filter/hood adapter but unfortunately like the X100 … that darn adapter is option (which means more money!!!).

Finally I think this is a point-n-shoot camera (if I use it in EXR mode) that I’ll keep for some time.



  1. Let me know when you don’t wanna keep it, OK?

  2. @Ta : Sure! >:D

  3. Is it just me, or do the colours from the X10 look less pleasing than the X100?
    It seems the colours on the X100 is more vibrant.

    I was thinking of getting the X10, but now, I think I might finally just get the X100.

  4. @MeshForce : I’ve no idea coz I haven’t really done a side by side comparison. Somehow I find the colors from the X10 seems nicer BUT … the X100 seems to be way better when it comes to skin tones.

  5. Hmmm….somehow I do agree with MeshForce on the quality…the pics from your X100 look so much better…

  6. @Jer : Of course we shouldn’t be really comparing both side by side as the sensor is way different. The X100 sure wins in the photo quality outta camera comparison. In terms of camera handling, they are pretty different too. So far I find the X10 can work as a ‘one hand operated camera’ since I can change the aperture etc using one hand and it is way lighter. Good for people like me who has only one hand (while the other is always busy holding the kiddo). 😀 The zoom does come in handy at times too. If I have to pick one … I’d say the X100 is definitely better when it comes to image quality (something I ain’t so paranoid about) and the X10 is a more convenient camera (with zoom, super macro and lighter). The X10 also has some little stuffs that I guess Fujifilm has ‘improved’ based on feedbacks about the X100. You can read a preview about it in dpreview (

  7. I am always dreaming for a big machine to be packed in a small body….

  8. @Jer : Oh … for master photographers like you … these little crappy cams not suitable. 😛

  9. Haha…Yes, the master of noobies….

  10. @Jer : You a newbie? Don’t make me laugh!!! 😀

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