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Too lazy to start packing up for my trip back to Singapore … so I’ll just sleep on it til tomorrow morning and hope I can still make it to catch the flight at noon. It has been a wonderful trip with lots (and lots) of eating and a bit of shopping (I swear I only bought 1 thing and the rest of the shopping were done by wifey and Fitzand). 😀 I’m dead tired now after the many days of non stop entertaining the little one who seemed to have gone into overdrive when on holiday. He doesn’t seem to need rest! Well … as long as he has big fun … my aching old bones will try to endure the ‘torture’. 😀

We just came back from an awesome hotpot dinner with an old friend who’s working here and Fitzand’s battery ran outta juice … thus I’m able to post these photos I took today. I decided to use the X10 for photos of the little one today and somehow I feel that compared to the X100 … the X10 seem to produce warmer skin tones. The X100 produces better looking skin tones it seems. Disclaimer : This is what this fuzzy eyeballed old man seem to notice but please refer to professional reviews for the truth. Lol.

I did shoot some street photos too (with the X10) today but I’ll post them another day after I get some sleep. Oh … by the way these images of Fitznad here were slightly post processed to reduce the warmer cast on the skin.

His candy ‘collection’ from Disneyland.

There were some artwork exhibits and the little boss insisted that I take a few photos of him in front of each and every one of them (the artwork). Well … I picked only a few to post in the end.

If having to entertain Fitzand non stop for a week doesn’t sound too stressful … wait til you hear the fact that he kicks me outta bed at 7:30am every morning … drags me to the Mc Donald’s downstairs to buy him macaroni for breakfast. It is not that he loves it that much … but there was something he wanted. Some Hello Kitty plush toys! I love cats and so does he … thus he loves kitty. Lol. Unlike some of their (McDonald’s) stuffs, these Hello Kitty ones were available all at a go. This means we do not have to wait another week for the next design to be introduced. Now that’s good news or bad? Hmm … I ended up going there for 3 mornings to get all of them for him. If you are wondering why didn’t I buy all the 4 at one go … that’s because I didn’t want his mommy to faint when he lugs all the 4 back to the hotel room in one morning. 😛 That’s a trick I’ve learned all these years when buying cameras. Bring home one at a time to avoid detection!! 😛




  1. hes getting so big , great shots….cant wait to get an x 100

  2. @paul : Yeah … he’ll turn 5 come January 2012. 😀 I’m sure you’ll love the X100! 😀

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