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I’ve never bothered to take any photo from the plane windows but yesterday on the way back to Singapore … probably somewhere near Malaysia … I decided to whip out my camera for a couple of shots as the scene made me go ‘Whoa!!!’.

For once a camera with a little bit of zoom does help. 😀 The X10!

I sure did struggle lots at work today to keep myself awake and sane but thank God I made it through. Another 4 days to go til the weekends but I don’t think I can get much (if any) rest during the coming weekend with Fitzand still in his super happy holiday mood. I’ll see if I can send my 2 rolls (a 35mm & a 120) to the lab tomorrow.


  1. Friggin awesome

  2. @mikelimch : Thanks.

  3. very nice wonder if the sky is going to be like that later

  4. @peter : Just look out the window. 😀 Have fun on your trip! Eat more! Play more! Drink more! BUY MORE!!!

  5. Swee lah!!! Looks like lava….

  6. Wow. These pictures are awesome!

  7. @Jer : Thanks!

    @Rachel : Thank you.

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