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HorusBennu Thumb Grip

By • Nov 21st, 2011 • Category: Toys

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After playing with the Fujifilm X10 for some weeks, one definite thing I wanted to do was to hunt for a thumb grip as the little grip at the back of the camera was of not much use (blame my fat thumb). My thumb is always resting on a corner of the LCD or sometimes accidentally press/turn the dial/rocker on the top right corner (at the back).

The ThumbsUp that I got for my X100 is awesome but it is pricey! I told myself that there is no way I should get one for the X10 too. Came across this cheaper alternative (clone?) one called HorusBennu TG-1 (you can find it on eBay) sold by someone in Korea and since it is way more affordable than the ThumbsUp, I decided to buy a black one to see how well it works on the X10.

Unlike the ThumbsUp … the TG-1 came in a very simple packaging. Just a little plastic bag with an allan key and some ‘grip pads’ inside. Now that’s definitely a big difference compared to the ThumbsUp which came in a luxurious looking packaging. Ok … nevermind the cosmetics … let’s see how good it is …

Installation is a piece of cake (as expected). Within minutes … the TG-1 is securely (I hope) attached to the X10 …

Unfortunately on the X10 … the TG-1 does come in contact with the mode dial. If you push in the TG-1 entirely into the hotshoe, the thumb grip touches the mode dial and that is one headache! So what I did was not to push the TG-1 all the way into the hotshoe. I left an about 2mm gap and that takes care of the thumb grip coming in contact with the mode dial problem. Tightening the allan key secures the TG-1 firmly afterwards.

The eBay store states that it is for the X100 and few other cameras … but it didn’t mention the X10. So it is not their design fault at all but if you can live with the little gap (while saving some good money) … it will still work as advertised.

So does the TG-1 serve its purpose? It definitely does!

How does it compare with the ThumbsUp? One thing for sure … it is way cheaper! Design wise, you will find that the TG-1 sticks out more to the back (see photo below). The TG-1 might end up poking your right eye if you are focusing with your left eye! Hahaha! Nah! Just joking!

Quality wise … the ThumbsUp seems to be made from more solid material. Don’t quote me on that though. The TG-1 seems very light and has a bit of plasticky feel to it. Don’t get me wrong … it definitely ain’t made from plastic. 😀 It seems to be a good match for the lighter X10.

Is it worth buying? If you are having problem (like me) getting a good grip when shooting with one hand (which I do very often) … yes … you should consider getting a TG-1 (or a ThumbsUp if you have more cash to burn).

Updated ***

Since someone asked if the TG-1 blocks the AF indicator lamp at the back of the X10 … I took this photo (below) to show that the TG-1 doesn’t get in the way of the lamp. I have not tried mounting the ThumbsUp on the X10 because I do not wanna spend time removing it from the X100 (and securing it again later) but from the photo … you can see there is a slight possibility it might block the lamp a little (or entirely?). Please don’t quote me on that because I’ve not tried it and I am just guessing.



  1. Wow….u r a great photography researcher and merchandiser!

  2. @Jer : I am just a guy with itchy fingers. 😛

  3. Thank you for your review of the TG-1. I’m considering buying a thumb grip for my X10. Could you kindly post a photo of what the back of the X10 looks like with the TG-1 installed. I’m wondering if it blocks visibility of the indicator lamp or not. Also, do you happen to know if the Thumbs up actually fits the X0? If so, does it cover the activity light? or interfere with the main-command dial? For me, if the indicator lamp is covered, that’s a deal breaker for buying a thumb grip. =/ Thanks!

  4. @Hugo : The TG-1 doesn’t block the AF indicator lamp. The ThumbsUp should fit the X10 too … without blocking the lamp. I will try to take a photo of the back tonight (if I can remembe). 😀

  5. @Hugo : I’ve updated the above blog entry (see last photo). Hope it helps. 🙂

  6. @Hugo : Oh … just to add … the ThumbsUp might also get in the way of the command dial (just like the TG-1). You might have to secure it a little bit to the back like what I did for the TG-1 to overcome this.

  7. Wow, thanks so much for that! This is exactly what i needed to make my decision on which to buy; it’s the TG-1 for me.

  8. @Hugo : No worries. Glad to be of help. 🙂 Yeah the TG-1 seems to fit the X10 pretty well.

  9. Thinking of getting the dragon boop from Chiff but does it fit a X10? Seems a little too big for it.

  10. @shunzi : The dragon one sure looks good on the X10 but it is a bit too big. I think they do have the smaller versions but not sure about the dragon one. Call chiif and find out?

  11. Will check it out over at Chiif. Thanks!

  12. Awesome article, I found it useful. I will get the Lensmate Thumbgrip for my X100 http://www.lensmateonline.com/store/fujifilm_x100_thumbrest_plus.php tough.

  13. @shunzi : You are most welcome. 🙂

    @Tenisd : I saw the Lensmate one. It sure looks good and price is good too.

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