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Christmas sure came very early this year for me when a parcel from Hong Kong arrived today. It it is a Fujifilm GF670 … one of my dream camera when I was hunting for a camera that allows me to shoot 6×6, has metering & aperture priority and doesn’t weigh a ton. Best of all … this camera … is a gift … for me!!! It is not brand new but in mint condition and came with the strap and manual (Japanese).

I couldn’t resist but to take some snapshots of it before loading a roll of film … waiting eagerly to give it a test drive soon. It is not my first folding camera though. The other folding camera I have is an old Voigtlander Perkeo II which I have only used once since I bought it (photos here) because I suck at gauging exposures (thus the need of a meter when I was looking for a replacement 6×6 camera).

Rangefinder cameras have always been a headache for me as my old fuzzy eyeballs don’t seem to be able to focus well with the little patch in the middle of the viewfinder. Luckily for me … this big one (it is a medium format camera!) has a large & bright viewfinder and I have no problem at all focusing with it! Yeahhh!!!!! Time to burn some 120 film!!!

The GF670 is the same camera as the Voigtlander Bessa III but only the Fujifilm version was available in silver. For some reason, the Fujifilm version was priced a few hundred dollars lower than the Bessa and both the cameras were made in Japan by Cosina.

The GF670 I have is the black version and from what I read online … “Limited to 5000 cameras, the black Fujifilm version were only available in Japan and equipped with the Fuji EBC (Electron Beam Coated) Fujinon lens.”.

I’ll try not to go to bed hugging this camera. It has been a while since I’ve been this excited about a camera (that’s not including the pretty looking toy ones) and I’m very sure it will have a permanent resident status in my dry cabinet. No … I don’t mean keeping it inside there to rot … but it will definitely be one that I’ll not sell off in the future. 😀



    So sexy!

  3. Which website or shop in hk did u buy frm? How muchieee leh…so tempting to buy myself a Christmas gift too…hehehe!

  4. @Bone : Yeah! 😀

    @Rofro : I got it from eBay for slightly more than $2000 (Singapore Dollars) including EMS shipping. There are some new ones listed but they are rather pricey. Since I got to choose the gift … I decided not to be too greedy and thus went for this 2nd hand one. The good thing is it is still in mint condition. Now … go get yourself a lovely present for Xmas.

  5. Bellow cameras are plain sexy

  6. @mikelimch : Yeah! I find TLRs sexy too but I have problem focusing with the waist level finder. It makes me dizzy. Lol.

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