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The first self developed roll of 120 film ended up in quite a mess two days ago and luckily I told myself to not develop that other roll (these 2 were test rolls on the GF670 with Rollei Retro 400 film) that same day. One day later … I took a deep breath and gave it another go … this time telling myself to be a little patient and careful when rolling the film onto the plastic spool.

It wasn’t any easier (rolling the film) this second attempt. I ended up spending 20 minutes (damn! the developing only took me 6 minutes!) to get the roll ready for developing! I was all tired and sweat by end of the whole process. It paid off when all of the 12 frames turned out fine. Phew!!!

Most of these are just random test shots … to get myself familiar with focusing and handling the camera. I am pretty comfortable with the camera now and hopefully I’ll be able to find time to shoot some decent photos soon.

As you can see … there hardly is any moving subject in my test shots. Hahaha! My fuzzy eyeballs were trying to get used to using a rangefinder.

This next photo was taken outside Thomson Plaza. No … it ain’t any interesting shot but I was boiling mad when the security guard approached me. I knew he was trying to stop me taking the shot but too bad for him I triggered the shutter already. I acted as if I didn’t see him and walked away. That’s not the end of the story. When I was in the mall waiting for wifey to collect some stuff, I whipped out my camera … there wasn’t anyone around … and in seconds I heard someone telling ‘excuse me sir … no photos in the mall.’. Huh? Damn! Another security guard? Now do they have some darn camera detecting device or what? Why are the security guys so darn paranoid? I would have ended up with 500 photos of the mall if I were to use my phone camera! Duh!

This one (below) is a little out of focus. Lesson #2083290832 … do not take photos after too much beer!

I took this one (above) right before rain. Take a good look at the sky. Do you see some dark patches that look a little weird? I have a feeling those ain’t the clouds but some marks left by the film paper back. Ermm … is that correct? Or are those some flying saucers flying in formation?

If you are wondering why are there only 11 photos (instead of 12) … that’s because it was the first time I was using the camera at the beach and the super silent shutter … made me accidentally trip it without knowing that I’ve done so. Then I thought I forgot to advance the film … and ended up with 2 identical (or pretty similar) shots. Argh!


  1. Nice Job!

  2. Wah! Unker can officially open a photo shop already. Bro! I’m amazed by your enthusiasm. Who knows! you will be designing and creating your own brand of camera soon.

  3. @MK : Thanks. I need more practice to roll the bugger 120 in though. Hahaha!

    @Pang : You must be joking! 😀

  4. get some from uncle mike to practice? hahahhaha

  5. @noreen : I actually have a couple of screwed up ones. Just too lazy to practice. Jim told me it is damn easy and thus I didn’t try before doing the real thing. Guess he cheated me. Hahahaha!

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