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Tried very hard to take some test shots with the SLR Magic’s Pinhole (paired with my good ol’ E-P1) today when out with my family. Luckily I had some time out in the sun and managed to squeeze out 10 test shots. You might notice some dust (quite a lot of them!) spots on the photos … as I was too lazy to clone out all of them. 😛

You can actually see and compose the scene on the LCD if you are shooting out in the sun. Indoors … you will have to just roughly gauge the composition and fire away.

I have mentioned in my earlier post that the good thing about this SLR Magic Pinhole … is that there is a glass filter in front of it which prevents dust from getting into the body. Because of this (and how slim the Pinhole lens is) … I’m leaving it on the body … serving as a body cap as well. 😀

I had some questions about the aperture size since I blogged about this Pinhole lens a few days ago. Unfortunately I have no clue about it (the aperture size) but I promise to update the info once I get it from those guys at SLR Magic.

If you have a Micro 4/3 (M43) camera and wanna have some pinhole fun (the boring pinhole effect filter on the camera doesn’t count!) … I do recommend you check out this one when it is out in the market. The glass filter in front of it sure makes a difference … by giving you a peace of mind shooting out in the windy dusty times. Not forgetting … how sexy and slim it is. 😛

Too tired to continue typing now. I’ll see if I can get more test shots tomorrow. Have a great weekend!


  1. Love your BW shots.
    We don’t have enough sun here in the UK.
    I’ll have a nother test when the sun does come out strong

  2. @Ta : Thank you. I’ve saw the few test photos of yours. Let’s hope the sun comes out fierce today.

  3. I love the old nostalgic feel of the shots! I really can’t seem to get the hang of pinhole. Not sure how long to hold for shots to even have a picture on them instead of the perpetual black hole.

    … it’s been long since I’ve came here.. I miss the man with his raised hand.

  4. @wynth : Thanks. I am also not good at using pinholes. Pretty frustrating sometimes and I don’t have much patience. Lol. I replaced the anti spam (raise hand thingie) not long ago. My blog was flooded with tons of spam and I had to do lots of fixes. I’ll try use something like that (choosing the man with raise hand) again soon. I hate typing these anti-spam text and I’m sure some of you feel the same too. 😀

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