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I sold off my Wanderlust Pinwide some time ago in anticipation of this one from SLR Magic and after some waiting … finally it came knocking at my door yesterday. The company has yet to officially sell this sexy pinhole ‘lens’ … so this is a special preview and I’ve no idea of the pricing yet. Introducing the SLR Magic Pinhole for Micro 4/3 (M43) cameras!

Here are some photos of the unboxing process …

The SLR Magic Toy Lens Pinhole comes in cute little box that has a similar design as their Toy Lens. The pinhole lens sits comfortably inside in a crystal case.

Design wise … this one from SLR Magic is definitely a winner being slimmer and looks way cool. I am saying this based on comparison with the first version of the Pinwide and I’m not sure if there are any later versions of it.

If you are wondering if the slimmer profile and finer details on the pinhole lens is all there is to have an advantage over the Pinwide … the answer is ‘no’. What is more important … is that there is a slim piece of glass on top of the pinhole lens. It acts like a filter to prevent dust from getting into the camera (sensor!) through the little pinhole. I am not sure if dust can ever get through that little hole but I received many questions from blog readers regarding this when I blogged about the Pinwide earlier. I am sure the glass filter gives many of us a peace of mind when out shooting with the pinhole especially on windy days.

I do not have the exact specification on the aperture size (pinhole) but it is stated on the box that the focal length is 24mm (35mm equivalent).

From the side … you can see that this SLR Magic’s pinhole is probably as thin as the body cap! Since I am only using this pinhole and SLR Magic’s Toy Lens on my E-P1 … I’m gonna leave this pinhole lens mounted most of the time.

Another photo of the pinhole lens on the E-P1 …

I’m gonna go play with this set up during the weekends and come back with photos to share. Stay tuned! 🙂


  1. wah become so slim! nice!
    Cant wait to see the result 😀

  2. @Mel : Oh yeah. It is beautiful & sexy! Will post the photos once I’ve tested it. I am sure this will be a great partner for your Toy Lens. 😉

  3. […] very hard to take some test shots with the SLR Magic’s Pinhole (paired with my good ol’ E-P1) today when out with my family. Luckily I had some time out in […]

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