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Quite some time back, a friend sent me a link about backing a new product, a pinhole cap for the Micro 4/3 cameras … and after some consideration … I killed some money in my PayPal account and waited (not very) patiently. What we did was pledge a certain amount of money … and if they hit the required amount, they’ll start producing it. Great news came one day when they updated us saying that they’ve met the amount and some prototypes were being made.

Finally my pledge of US$39 got me one from the first batch of these Pinwide caps. 😀

The Pinwide came in a very simple and cute can …

Here are some photos of it on my E-P1 …

According to specs, the Pinwide delivers a wide-angle view of 11mm (22mm equivalent due to the crop factor). Coolness!

Despite the pinhole being that tiny, perhaps I’ll go DIY a cap for it … in case over time some dust manage to sneak through it into my sensor. The aperture is about f96 to f128.

What you see on this page are some random test shots with the Pinwide. It sucks having to shoot using a pinhole at night … especially when I don’t have a shutter release cable for my E-P1. Shooting at bulb mode means having to hold the shutter button for a long time which is quite impossible for me to do … as I’ve to switch between trying to take photos, bathing Fitzand, entertaining him, making sure he finishes his dinner etc. So what I had to make do with 1 minute exposures and the help of the Lomo Colorsplash flash to brighten things up a little.

Sorry I don’t mean to scare you with this one below but I really don’t have much interesting subject to shoot at home. 😀

Guess I’ll have to wait til the weekend to go play with it in the day light. 🙁


The pre-order pricing is US$39.99. For more info on this product, do check out Wanderlust’s website here.

Now that the world pinhole day is near … I guess I’ll be using this on my E-P1 for some fun photos then.


  1. that particular shot was…..really scary….not suitable for kids! 😛

  2. @nelly : The guy will be there in your nightmare!

  3. I love the first 2 shots. I am so jealous!

  4. @Ta : I’m sure yours will arrive soon. They accepted the payment for pre-order already?

  5. Andrew, no not yet. They are shipping the pre-orders and when that’s finished they’ll open their online store. I’ll have to wait for the online store to open. ;-( the waiting is always worse than the poison itself.

  6. @Ta : I’m sure it won’t be long til they are done with the pre-orders shipping.

  7. How come there are no toys for the DSLR? So sad….

  8. @Jer : I’m sure there are toys like Canon’s L lenses for you. 😉

  9. Canon’s L lenses >—KILL ME—> “O_O

  10. […] sold off my Wanderlust Pinwide some time ago in anticipation of this one from SLR Magic and after some waiting … finally it […]

  11. I could not resist commenting. Very well written!

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