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Got an invitation to attend Fujifilm Singapore’s launch of the X-Pro1 camera today but I sneaked outta it when everyone were busy giving a go at the cameras. There were pretty models and cool macro stuffs for us to try the X-Pro1 on but after sneaking out to reply some urgent messages … I decided to get myself a few pints of cold beer and … whip out my DSLR & Lensbaby … with the Edge 80 optic. Yeah … I’ve got serious attitude problem. 😛

Wondering what I feel about the X-Pro1 huh? 😀 Well … it is a beautiful camera … seems to produce really awesome results … but (again … luckily) I ain’t poisoned by it. I was expecting the camera body to be heavier though. What I was interested in was the flash that I guess designed to go with it. I don’t have a photo of it now but I’m sure it will be all over the internet if you do a search. If it does come in silver … I’ll grab one for my X100. 😀

Anyway … I got trigger happy and fired one too many photos today. Here they are … just 25 out of maybe 80 that I shot today …

There are times I wished the Edge was wider (it is 80mm) and I forgot to bring along my Sweet 35. Still … I am happy with the shots and had an awesome time Lensbaby-ing.

Not sure if my fuzzy eyeballs are getting better or the beer did help … it seems easier to focus with the viewfinder this time round. Could it be due to the optic? Could it be due to the beer? Hmm …

Heard that the Pentax K-01 is arriving this or next week. Perhaps I’ll go grope one at the shop when it arrives. I’m sure I’ll be more tempted by it than the X-Pro1.


  1. Beer always helps me to see things in an artistic way 🙂
    I want to play with a Lensbaby. They look like fun.

  2. @Jenni : Yeah! If I ever open a camera shop … I’ll throw in beer vouchers with every purchase. Lol. You should check out Lensbaby. They work on film SLRs too.

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