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X-Pro1 Does IR!

By • Apr 25th, 2012 • Category: Digital stuffs

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My third day in Taiwan and I’m beginning to love the X-Pro1 more each day. Gosh … now I’m beginning to think that I want one! Since I have a week to play with it … I brought along my Hoya R72 IR filter to test if the cammie can give good results (in IR). I saw some online photos and they claim that the X-Pro1 can do handheld IR in high ISO.

Pumping ISO to either 6400 or 12,800 sometimes … it seems that the X-Pro1 is capable to produce pretty decent looking IR photos. As I usually prefer black & white IR … I just did a custom white balance on some patch of grass and then converted the photos to black & white in post processing. Not sure if it will give the same result if I had not do the custom white balance though (I’m too lazy to try).

Most of these were taken during a short ‘safari’ train ride here in Leofoo Resort here. The moving train made handholding the camera even more challenging as the shutter speeds were pretty low. Most of the time, shutter speed ranged from about 1/50 to 1/80. Thank God I didn’t touch too much beer last night! 😀 As for the aperture … I was shooting in a range of f2 to f5.6. Any smaller aperture will cause even longer speeds.

Sorry of the exposures are a little off. It is always darn difficult trying to do post processing in hotel rooms with this little Macbook Air. If only I am much younger and stronger … I’ll lug along some laptops with big screens!

That’s all for now. 10 IR shots for now and I’ll dig my SD card to see if there are any more of them tonight.


  1. Holy crap! these are amazing. Keep up the good work!

  2. @Adam : Thank you for the kind words.

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