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After the infrared test … next comes something more fun (to me) … shooting on the streets with the X-Pro1. I have only the 35mm lens with me and thus it will be a little bit more challenging for me as I usually prefer wide angles for streetshooting.

I switched the camera to the black & white (with red filter) film simulation mode and took some test shots while we were making a dash to a late lunch. Dialed -1 on the exposure compensation and fired away …

The very silent shutter makes street shooting pretty easy (and safe!). 😀 These were all shot in f5.6 … if I remember correctly … ISO800. Ran them thru Photoshop to give them more contrast but I’ll try post some original out of camera black & white tomorrow.

I tend to compare the X-Pro1 with my X-100 … especially for street shooting. Somehow I prefer the lighter and smaller X-100 for such photography. Well … that’s just my opinion.

Wanting to give the X-Pro1 some test run has caused me to neglect the other 2 cameras I have with me. 🙁 One is the K-01 paired with the Lensbaby (I did take some shots with it though) and a Diana F+ which ermm … I think I exposed 5 shots so far.

Anyway … back to the X-Pro1 … the auto focusing seems pretty good now after the firmware update. All the lens chattering problem is gone and focusing seems smooth enough (for me).

While my LC-A+ gently weeps in my bag … unloaded … I will find some time and mood to burn a couple of rolls on it … maybe tomorrow or the day after. What? Did someone say street photography is best done on film? 😛

That’s all for another rush entry. Gotta go get some rest before heading out to stuff my face again.


  1. Pretty shots and your holiday looks even more beautiful…I need a holiday…weep

  2. Love your street shots!
    Keep the X Pro and sell the X100 to me?

  3. @Jer : Thanks. Go take a week off and have a break. 🙂

  4. @Ta : Thanks. Argh! I am sure tempted to get the X-Pro1 now! You really want the X-100? Let’s talk about it when I get back to Singapore this coming Monday ok? 😀 I’ll see if I can work out a good deal for you. I promise. 😉

  5. Cool! Thanks Andrew. I’m serious, if you are.
    But don’t feel that you have to OK?

    Enjoy the rest of your hol.
    The little boss looks and feels such a joy!

    Lovely family.


  6. @Ta : I’ll think about it and get back to you when I get back to Singapore. I’m in a dilemma now. If I go for the X-Pro1 … I’ll have to let go the X-100 to buy a wide lens. Otherwise … it is quite impossible to carry both out to cover both wide and ‘normal’ length. Hahaha. Stay tuned. 😀

  7. Yeah, have a good think. I’ll have a good think as well….
    All these poisons………………………..

  8. Looks like it is hard to be satisfied with the Xpro1 kit and the wide lens looks like a must to have in the camera bag. What was your damage for the kit?

  9. @Jer : I’m pretty okay with the 35mm. As for the wide lens … I’m not sure. If I were to *sweat* go for the X-Pro1 … I still prefer the wide lenses I have for my Pentax. 😀 I am not sure about the damage (yet). 🙁

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