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After itching for a long while to get this ‘gadget’ … each time saying ‘no’ to it and ended up spending money on camera stuffs … finally … I bit the bullet (coffee flavored one) and got myself an Nespresso Pixie coffee machine. It is the smallest (and cheapest) one … and it comes in RED!!! 😀

It probably ain’t gonna give me super yummy coffee like a real coffee machine and all that beans and skills would … but it is fast and easy enough to give me that extra ‘boost’ whenever I need it. No more running downstairs to get that usually-too-damn-sweet coffee to keep me awake. 😀

A review said “For folks on the go and in a big hurry first thing in the morning, the Nestle Nespresso Pixie is a lilliputian hit of caffeinated mercy before that angst ridden trot to the subway station. It is a minor (or major) sacrifice in coffee quality for ‘right now’ convenience and carefully crafted sexy good looks on the counter top. Owners of shrink wrapped living spaces in urban areas will dig the foot print. Heck, I will admit – it’s cute and has solid fit and finish – and unlike a lot of other super store coffee machines that claim all-in-one performance, the Pixie more or less delivers what it should deliver.”

Fitzand was with me when I bought it and he choose the color … red! Phew! That’s my favorite color and it fits well right beside my red oven too. 😀

The lady at the showroom was giving me a demo and Fitzand was quietly (and concentrating!) standing beside us. The moment the cup of expresso was ready … Fitzand suddenly said ‘Daddy! Daddy! Buy this! Buy this!’. The sales lady was a little shocked. She thought the little bum is a coffee addict! Hahaha! What he wanted to do was … to get me to buy it so that he can ‘prepare’ the coffee for me when we get home. *sweat* He’s taking a nap now and I’m sure I’ll be made to take a dose of coffee when he wakes up later. Gotta keep the capsules from him … otherwise I’ll be drinking a few litres of coffee in a day.

Since I was giving it a rinse after unpacking it … I made myself the first shot of expresso and took some snapshots. 😀

Since I have only pretty big mugs (for beer of course) at home, I had to also get myself some glasses …

Of course no weekend is complete without some snapshots of my little boss (now turned coffee serving staff) …

That’s him with his current favorite shirt. He says it is his ‘office shirt’ …

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

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