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Yup … Take away the ’00’ from the X100 and now it is X1. The Leica X1! Traded my Fujifilm X100 with a friend’s very minty condition X1 … just to have a feel of it (despite knowing the slower AF and lack of video function). It has been years since I’ve used a Leica digital camera. The last one was the Digilux 2 which I love and it was a great cam in those old days.

Found a matching 2nd hand hand half case at a great price and it is from JnK! I love the cases from them (and the X100 I had also wore one from JnK). I’ve seen the silver/black edition but somehow love the black one more as it makes the cam look smaller and sleek.

I sure wish it is the X2 but hey … I must find someone who had just downed 5 bottles of whiskey to agree to trade his X2 with my X100 right? 😀

The trade came with a price though. The cute pop up flash on the X1 was a little crazy. It somehow refused to retract after I popped it out and even when it does retract … the flash stays on (ie. it fires when retracted). So since the camera comes with a 2 year warranty … and has over half a year of it left … a quick trip to the Leica service center was the price.

It is probably the best service center I’ve stepped into for ages! Friendly and very efficient staffs … from the pretty lady at the front desk to those experts getting cams fixed inside. I got the flash fixed plus the dials serviced (originally it seemed a bit too loose and get changed too easily) … and a brand new leather skin installed … in just 3 days!

A couple of photos without the half case. Now all I wanna do is try find a way to tape up the round red logo. Hahaha!

Okay … here’s the round red logo … before it disappears … that is if I can find a way to cover it up without making the cam look retarded.

Time for some test drive this weekend!



  1. Congratulations!

  2. @Ta : Hahaha! Thanks. I thought you have one of these when I saw the silver one with you in the Facebook photo. So decided on the X100 already?

  3. When I bought my Silver X1, it was a decision between this or X100.
    I have always wanted an X100 for the retro look of it.
    Until recently when I found my true love an Olympus E-410 with a Pancake lens…Just classic! 🙂
    It’s so basic like using a film camera. Check it out!

  4. @Ta : Oh … good choice! 😀 I’m sure the Olympus is cool! No … I am not checking it out! I’m broke! 😀

  5. Wooow….I am jealous!!!! Never get a chance to shoot with a Leica….just curious how much it cost at retail? Leica is kinda bespoke to me….

  6. @Jer : I am not sure about the price but if I am not wrong … the X1 was going for about S$2500 to 2800 back then.

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